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what is the 21 day fix?

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This is part one in my 21 Day Fix series!

Part Two - Week 1 Review

Part Three - FAQ

Part Four - Final Results

I recently became a health and fitness coach, which means I am going to motivate people (you??) to reach their fitness goals and gain self confidence through fun in-home fitness programs! I LOVE IN-HOME FITNESS PROGRAMS. And eating healthy food. And sharing my tips and tricks. Basically, this job was made for me.

When you purchase a program from me, you gain my constant support and motivation for as long as you need it.

I want to help you create a healthy lifestyle and empower you to chase your dreams!

I'm really excited about this opportunity, and REALLY REALLY excited about the first program I'm doing, the 21 Day Fix.

You might be hearing about the 21 Day Fix, or maybe have seen a picture of fun little brightly colored tupperware containers floating around Pinterest. Today I officially started the program, and I'm planning to blog my way through the experience and also share the results of the women who are participating in my March Challenge Group. I can already tell this program is going to change so many lives!

What is the 21 Day Fix?

It's a brand new (and ridiculously popular) 21-day program that focuses on simple portion control and 30-minute workouts that anyone can do. It's marketed as a simple, fast weight loss system, with no counting calories, carbs, or points! The program was just released last month and has been on back-order ever since because everybody wants in. The transformations from the test groups have been INCREDIBLE and I can't wait to see the results of the ladies in my March Challenge Group who are doing the Fix with me!

Here's the fancy promo video

if you want to see the whole shebang.

Who is it for?

Honestly, anyone!! Whether you're a fitness beginner or workout every single day, whether you have 50+ lbs to lose or just want to tone up.

The program is specifically targeted for people who:

-don't want to make a long term commitment

-want to take control of their eating but don't know where to start

-have super busy lifestyles

-want to learn what healthy portions really look like

-are new to fitness, dieting, and weight loss

-don't like "off-limits" diet plans, or deprivation

(I mean, that basically describes what everyone wants, right?)

What's included?

-7 color-coded portion control containers (my co-workers are already obsessed with my cute "tiny tupperware")

-Six 30-minute workouts you can do in your living room (with modifications for ALL fitness levels! Yes, from absolute beginner to advanced!)

-A day by day eating plan and workout guide that outlines exactly how much food to eat each day

-A few more surprise bonus items

-The constant support, advice, motivation of ME as your coach :) The best part, if I do say so myself...

How does it work?

-The eating plan shows you how to use the portion control containers

-Put whatever foods you like in the designated container, and if it fits you can eat it!

-Do one 30 minute at-home workout per day according to the Fitness Guide

-Purchase the program as a "Challenge Pack" to join my Challenge Group for accountability and support, so no matter where you live you will have a fitness buddy (or 8!)

With a Challenge Pack, you also get a delicious superfood and protein shake called Shakeology. I will talk more on ShakeO later!

What is a Challenge Group?

Every single month I run a private, exclusive Facebook group for anyone who wants to try the 21 Day Fix and keep themselves accountable. You will receive my daily encouragement and advice, support and friendship from your fellow challengers, and most of all we will have fun and empower each other! BOOM!

What are my 21 Day Fix goals?

Even though it's marketed as a weight loss program, I am not doing the 21 Day Fix to lose weight. I want to burn off my last layer of winter squish and replace it with toned and lean muscle! I also want to learn how to manage my portion sizes, and get to know the program first hand so I can offer the best support to my Challengers! Oh and I am for sure creating delicious 21DF-approved recipes and meal plans to share with my Challenge Groups :)

Day One is officially done for me! Here are a few snapshots of everything I ate on the nutrition plan:

 Chocolate banana shake and coffee, pineapple/oat/yogurt/pb mess, tuna salad, bell pepper and almonds

Braised chicken, smoked paprika lentils, sautéed spinach

You get to eat SO MUCH FOOD on this plan!! And YES you can eat treats, wine, and go out to restaurants! The focus is on filling your body with nutrient-dense healthy foods like lean protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and lots of fruit and veggies. You will have so much energy when you eat this way. It's so easy to implement into your life, and I am so excited to see everyone's results!

Next Monday I'll do a Week 1 re-cap post, update on my progress (and the progress of the ladies in my March Challenge Group), and share my first week's meal plan with you!

Do you want to get in better shape but don't know where to start? I would be absolutely thrilled to add you to my next Challenge Group! 

Want more info? Email me at!