Anna Maria Locke

Oh heyyy girl, I'm Anna!

(say it 'on a')


I’m a life coach for multi-passionate female creative entrepreneurs who want to connect with their intuition to create a purpose driven life. I'll help you tap into your feminine energy for more flow, abundance, and sustainable success.

I believe that YOU are your business' most important asset, and that doing the deep inner "soul work" to figure out what you want and what's holding you back is the key to unlocking more fulfillment and joy.

I live in Chicago with my husband Ben. I feel most alive around mountains and big trees, but I'll always be a Midwest girl at heart. I'm on a mission to help women come home to themselves in body/mind/spirit, become leaders of their own lives, and make a positive impact on the world.

Here on the blog I share the ups and downs of my own journey, always keep it real, and hope to empower YOU to create an inspired life.


After growing up as a super creative child and straight-A student, I spent most of my 20's trying to figure out what I was "supposed" to be doing with my life.

If you're interested, you can hear me share my full story on The Lively Show podcast here

To make a long story short, I went to school for environmental science, earned a MS in Geography, ended up moving all over the country, got married, and proceeded to experience 2 years of un/under-employment and soul searching that I call my quarter life crisis. I ended up getting a full time job as a science educator at a wonderful non-profit but quickly realized that it wasn't for me.


At the end of August 2014 I quit my job to embark on the biggest adventure of my life so far as a full time life and wellness coach and creative entrepreneur. It. has. been. a. ride. 

If you're interested in health and fitness coaching, you can learn more about my accountability groups and my team Inspire Joy over here!

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo Coelho

In 2017 I completed my life coaching certification from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

You can explore my life coaching services here

If you're wondering if life coaching would be right for you, contact me to book a complimentary consult -- sounds fancy, but it's basically just a fun and casual virtual jam session where we can get to know each other and chat about your vision and goals! I love connecting with other creative, ambitious, and big-dreaming women :)

10 things I love

reading and learning
being outdoors
epic salads
woodfired pizza
spicy red wine or Sauvignon Blanc
inspirational quotes
personality tests (INFJ!)

Random Facts

  • I was voted "Best Hair" in high school.

  • I'm a dual US-Dutch citizen.

  • I met my husband in college when I was 19 years old, and immediately felt that we'd end up together. My intuition game is strong :)

  • I have a MS in Geography and published a paper on historic changes in forests and fire behavior.

  • I was born to be a creative entrepreneur! I started a wedding design catalog in 4th grade, a cleaning company in 6th grade, and eventually an Etsy shop that's raked in 5 figures of sales.

  • I love reality tv, especially the Bachelor and RHBH

I Believe...

  • in creating success without hustle

  • creativity is an inherent part of everyone

  • you deserve to love your life

  • courage comes after you push through your fear.

  • in eating outdoors

  • you can be whoever you want to be, even if it’s not easily labeled

  • REAL is better than perfect

  • in a higher creative power made entirely of love, and I call it God

I Value

  • authenticity

  • creativity

  • courage

  • freedom

  • love

  • joy

It was about no longer being the kind of person who takes what she can get, and finally becoming the kind of person who creates exactly what she wants.
— Jen Sincero



Ever notice how you feel like a COMPLETELY different person at certain times of the month? One week you're full of energy, crushing your to-do list, high on life and setting crazy goals, then the next week you're super sensitive, having existential meltdowns, feel like a complete failure, and on and on.

What if you could recognize each phase of your cycle, feel empowered and in control instead of crazy, and utilize your cyclical female energy to create more productivity, flow, and success in your business and life?

Grab my FREE e-book, "Cycle Sync Your Business for More Alignment and Flow" to learn how to recognize each season of your cycle and put it to werk!