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21 Day Fix Extreme Review!

July 2016, 2016Anna Locke

Oh heyyyy it's time for another fun fitness update!!

Today I officially completed the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this strong, confident, and proud of myself from the inside out. I’ve come so far since I did the original 21 Day Fix for the first time back in March 2014, and I wanted to challenge myself and see what would happen if I committed 100% to a program again!

“When you lose your excuses you will find your results” -Autumn Calabrese

Beachbody trainers are always chock full of motivational quotes, but this one stuck out to me this month as I completed the 21 Day Fix Extreme because isn’t that a metaphor for everything in life?

We HAVE to get out of our own way in order to grow into the person we’re meant to be.

Some of my own excuses that popped up when I was thinking about doing this program --

“But I want wine and treats because SUMMER”

“I can’t fully commit, I’m going to leave myself wiggle room for wine and weekends...”

“I’ll never have the discipline to see this program through”

“I don’t want to feel deprived”

(See a pattern? This girl loves her wine and celebrating life with food!)

But you know what? I decided to commit. I decided that it wasn’t about willpower or discipline or forcing through or punching fear in the face or deprivation or all those aggressive tactics we use to shame and guilt and force our way into changing our bodies and habits.

I decided to take a more compassionate route, and simply get curious. I wanted to see what would happen if I devoted myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to taking the best care possible of myself.

This is the FIRST TIME I've ever done a fitness program because I want to take care of my body from the inside out. The FIRST TIME I haven't cared about what I look like, or put pressure on myself to lose weight or get an impressive before/after picture.

And let me tell you -- it's SO MUCH EASIER to stick to a program and say "no" to wine and sugar when you're motivating yourself based on love and appreciation for your body instead of feeling like you need to change to be happy.

Did I want to drop a few pounds and have more defined abs? Heck yes. But does it really matter in the end? Nope. I will love and appreciate myself no matter what.

It's ok to like your body and still want to change it.

And guess what? When you make that decision out of love and self-compassion and the curiosity to discover the strongest and healthiest version of yourself ... the results will happen as a side effect.

I decided to make July my month of EPIC self care.

I didn’t do this program to lose weight or inches, and didn’t weigh or measure myself at all. I wanted to do it for the internal changes and the confidence I always feel when I finish a hard program, and to honor my body through healthy nourishing food and challenging exercise.

I wanted to break my usual summer cycle of eating super healthy during the week, then over-indulging in wine, cocktails, froyo, and treats on the weekend and feeling like crap come Monday morning.

I wanted to spend less time working out and thinking about food, and have a simple plan to follow so I could free up my energy to focus on finishing my life coaching course.

Most of all, I knew that this month was going to be a STRETCH month for me personally and professionally, so I wanted to make sure I was taking care of myself while pushing my limits, doing big scary-exciting things like becoming a life coach and hosting live webinars for my team, and pouring love and energy into my challengers and coaches.

(I can’t emphasize how important it is to put your own energy first, especially when you spend your day pouring into others. Make sure you’re pouring from a full cup, or else you’ll burn out!)

(I know you're looking at that ice cream and honey nut cheerios... they were for my hubby I PROMISE! :)

(I know you're looking at that ice cream and honey nut cheerios... they were for my hubby I PROMISE! :)

What is the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

Put simply, it’s a next level version of the 21 Day Fix (which you learn more about on my blog here), but all you need to know is that the workouts are more challenging and the nutrition plan is a little more “strict.” In the regular 21DF you can have wine, chocolate, treats in moderation.

It uses the same nutrition plan that’s based on portion control, and you calculate the range of calories/day you need to achieve your goals then measure out your portions with the cute colored containers.

The 21DFX is geared towards fueling your body with the most nutrient-dense foods possible so it seems a little more strict, but if you make a mindset shift and remind yourself that you’re just saying “not right now” to the sugar and booze and saving them for later in order to say a bigger YES to the healthiest version of yourself, you won’t feel deprived. Your perception creates your reality - I focused on all the delicious yummy foods I could treat my body with and I can honestly say I didn’t miss sugar at all. Wine on the other hand … yeah I missed wine.

I love this program because it combines fitness AND nutrition. It’s easy to work out, but knowing how to eat right is what will make or break your results when you’re trying to work on health and wellness goals.

You can follow this program to lose weight, gain weight, or (like me) simply feel your absolute BEST from the inside out. You’re in control of your results, the amount of food you eat, and what you make of it.

There are 7 different workouts you cycle through each week, split between weight training circuits (upper body/lower body), cardio with weights, Plyometrics, Pilates, and yoga. All of the workouts are only 30-32 minutes, and are circuit-based, which means you’ll do a move for 30-60 minutes, move on to another move, and then repeat each circuit of moves 3-4 times.

One of the main differences between the regular and extreme versions is that Extreme uses more COMPOUND moves that work your entire body at once, and the regular Fix uses simple moves that are easier to master and learn.

I love this program because it has structure, but also gives you a lot of freedom. It’s not about being perfect or hitting a certain number of calories, because our bodies can’t tell the difference. It’s about eating certain portions of food to give your body the right amount of macro-nutrients (protein/carbs/fat) to feel energized, fuel your workouts, and change your body composition.

A typical day of eats

Doing this program made me realize how far I've come in my health and wellness journey, and with my relationship with food, because I didn't have to make any major changes to my diet at all! The main challenge for me was eliminating sugar and alcohol.

Here's what a typical day of eating looks like for me, both on AND off the 21DF plan.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit and protein powder, or toast and eggs

Morning snack: Vegan chocolate Shakeology blended with almond milk and ice

Lunch: GIANT salad (I love salads!) or leftovers

Afternoon snack: Veggies and hummus, or my Shakeo if I haven't had it yet

Dinner: Some combo of protein, veggies, and healthy carbs (sweet potatoes, rice, and quinoa are my go-to's) or another giant salad.

If I was hungry at night, I'd have a bedtime snack of Greek yogurt, berries, or a Shakeo mug cake. 

I also LOVED using the chocolate Recover protein shake from the Beachbody Performance Line, and drank one 4-5 times a week after my more intense workouts. It's an all-natural protein powder designed to reduce muscle soreness and I swear it made a huge difference for me (AND all Performance Line supplements count as "free" containers!)

My typical weekly meal plan

I've found it's easiest for me to assign certain "containers" (aka food groups) to each meal and snack, and stay consistent every day, just rotating in different food combinations. So for example, for breakfast I'll have a carb, a protein, a fruit, and a teaspoon of healthy fat. This could look like oatmeal with eggs, fruit, and peanut butter, or toast with eggs and fruit.

I share my weekly meal plans and recipes with my Challenge Groups and clients. Here's a sneak peek of a typical week in my life!

What I learned on the 21 Day Fix Extreme

I’ve really been able to make the 21 Day Fix a lifestyle. I didn’t have to make any major adjustments to my normal diet at all. The biggest challenges for me were giving up wine and sugar, but I did it!

I learned that I can survive without alcohol, even at social events… and that some sparkling water or La Croix with a dash of liquid stevia and squeeze of lemon juice is DELICIOUS.

I learned how to eat more mindfully, and loved giving my body the best possible food. I learned how to enjoy every single bite or sip instead of mindlessly eating crap that I didn’t even truly want.

I learned how to give up emotional eating! Because of the boundaries and structure I had in place, every time I was tempted to mindlessly take a sip of Ben’s beer or dig into the ice cream in the freezer, I could check myself and tune into what I was TRULY craving. Learning how to process emotions in positive ways instead of numbing and suppressing them with food is a skill I want to help all women master, because it feels so incredible and freeing.

I learned that I need to have snacks on hand when I’m out and about (apple slices and almonds are my go-to’s!) to balance my energy throughout the day. Food is fuel! When you’re eating pure unprocessed nutrient-dense foods, your metabolism will burn right through them, so it’s ok to feel like you’re eating more.

I learned that I can live without sugar and dessert, so in the future it will be a lot easier for me to pass on the desserts, and fully savor and enjoy a glass of really good wine.

Getting results doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” and that 30 minute workouts are really all you need. Stop abusing your body and slaving away with hours of exercise … stop feeling like you’re never doing enough and always need to be burning more calories or working out harder and longer. When you give your body time to rest and recover, you’ll actually see more changes, and you’ll also have the energy to enjoy your life.

I learned that it’s ok to follow the modifier when I couldn’t keep up with the moves, and it’s ok to feel weak. Feeling weak doesn’t mean you’re weak -- it means that you’ve found your edge and have room to improve and become stronger! It’s something to CELEBRATE, not beat yourself up over.

Tips for success

  • You have to go all in for yourself. Don't leave ANY room for excuses to creep in. Trust yourself, and trust that you can do anything for 21 days!
  • Stay hydrated. Water is so important... I love making infused water with ginger, mint, and lemon.
  • Start slow! Use light weights and the modifier to master the moves. Form is SO important than being a hero, especially if you’re working out at home without a trainer to give you adjustments and tips. Trust me - even modifying the moves you’ll feel it the next day!

Here was my approach:

Week 1 - light weights, follow the modifier

Week 2 - increase weights, try the regular moves if you’ve mastered form, add the 10 min abs twice a week

Week 3 - challenge and push yourself while honoring your limits

  • Make sure to warm up and stretch before and after the workout. I didn’t feel like the warm up and stretches were sufficient, you only get 2-3 minutes at either end of the workout, and there aren’t any “off” days with this program, just “active rest” days with Pilates and Yoga that will still challenge your muscles. On most days I went outside for a quick walk or jog around the block to warm up, and I also tried to foam roll a couple times a week to recover. You can also substitute a yoga class or longer yoga routine for the 30 minute yoga day.

21 Day Fix Extreme FAQ’s

Should I do the 21 Day Fix or 21DF Extreme?

I always recommend starting with the original 21 Day Fix if you’ve never done it before, because it will lay a really solid foundation and teach you the basics of the portion control system. If you’ve been working out consistently for several months, have mastered other programs, and are looking to take your results to the next level, then Extreme might be for you. IT’S HARD. I still had to follow the modifier by the end for some of the moves, and sometimes I couldn’t even finish the whole set WITH modifications. Don’t let your ego choose for you or you’ll end up injuring yourself and feeling defeated.

If you want to talk about your goals or chat about the best program for you, shoot me a message!

Do I have to do Shakeology?

You don't HAVE to, but it will make your experience a lot more delicious, help you eliminate sugar cravings, give you TONS of energy, and make sure your body is getting all the micro-nutrients it needs. So in other words, it's worth it!

Will I feel hungry or deprived?

You might feel hungry at first as your body adjusts, but I didn’t really have any issues and I LOVE FOOD. If your energy dips, you can eat an extra piece of fruit or bump up to the next calorie bracket to make sure you’re fueling your body properly! In terms of feeling deprived -- that’s more of a mindset thing. Focus on what you CAN eat, and remind yourself you’re not saying “no,” you’re just saying “not right now” to indulgent treats.

Are the results maintainable?

Yes! I wrote a blog post about how to maintain your results and use the 21 Day Fix as a lifestyle plan here.

I’m super lazy and unmotivated, will I be able to do this?

It’s only 21 days -- seriously that’s such a short period of time and it’s going to fly by. Less than a month!

Can I do this while pregnant/breastfeeding?

Ask your doctor, but it’s likely! If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll usually bump up your calorie bracket and eat extra food, but still in the propor portions and ratio of protein/carbs/fat.

Can I do this program and train for a race at the same time?

I’m not a trained professional so I can’t give advice except to listen to your body. Personally, I would never add additional workouts or runs to an intense program like this because its designed to push your body to its limits… however if you wanted to EXCHANGE the cardio workouts for runs that would probably be ok. Just make sure you’re adjusting your calorie bracket accordingly, because it’s designed for 30 minute workouts and you want to be very careful to fuel properly to avoid injury or damaging your metabolism.


I think this program might be my fave. I love the balance of different workouts, love that they're SHORT yet challenging, and I LOVE the results I've gained on the inside and out. Being healthy is about so much more than weight. Your body will naturally assume its healthy weight when you're treating yourself with love and respect, so let's stop beating ourselves up and start to actually nourish and respect our bodies and minds.

If you want me to coach you through this program (or try the original Fix!), I’d love to support you.

"I feel so confident and free from feeling trapped in what seemed for so long to be a hopeless pattern of ‘letting myself go’ when it came to my fitness and nutrition. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am that I found Anna on Instagram and signed up for my first Challenge. It has been such a game changer and has renewed my hope and excitement in life!” -Rebecca K.

If I can do this, you can too!

xo Anna

healthy homemade nachos (21 Day Fix approved!)

February 2016, 2016, Recipe - Main DishAnna LockeComment

For some reason I’ve been feeling a subtle nacho craving for the last couple of months.

I’ve never been nacho-obsessed, but there’s this little voice in the back of my head calling “nachooooooos!” I listened to it on New Years Eve, ordered the most delicious loaded volcano platter of nachos, and ate until I felt almost sick. It was glorious. But apparently it didn’t kill the I finally decided to make my own version of healthy nachos last night! I even baked my own tortilla chips, which turned out DELICIOUS.

This recipe is great for a weeknight treat or Superbowl party!

I’ve been doing the Beachbody program Hammer and Chisel (follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram), which incorporates a similar nutrition plan to the 21 Day Fix. This recipe was delicious, fun to eat, and husband approved!

Healthy Homemade Nachos

(serves 4)

Each serving: 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue on the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan


  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 1 red onion, chopped (reserve some for toppings!)
  • ½ c salsa
  • 8 small corn tortillas

Toppings (go crazy and choose your faves!)

  • shredded lettuce
  • chopped tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • plain Greek yogurt
  • avocado
  • black beans
  • rice
  • cheese
  • hot sauce
  • limes
  • you get the drill

Make your own healthy chips!
Preheat the oven to 350F. Cut tortillas into quarters, and spread out on 2 baking sheets coated in cooking spray. Mist the top of the tortillas with more cooking spray or oil (I love this olive oil Misto I found at TJMaxx!) and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 10 minutes, or until crispy. Keep an eye on these so they don’t burn!

Cook the filling!
In a large pan, saute the turkey and red onion (reserving a few T of chopped onion for topping) until cooked. Stir in salsa and heat through.

On each plate, assemble your nacho creation! Start with 8 chips (or 2 tortillas), and load up on toppings.If you’re following the 21 Day Fix, use your containers to measure out the meat, veggies, and healthy fats.

Top with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, cilantro, hot sauce, a squeeze of lime, and enjoy!

You could also make a vegetarian version with roasted veggies and beans, or chicken, or steak...the possibilities are endless and you better believe I'll be experimenting more with this recipe!

xo Anna

p.s. Do you want some 21 Day Fix accountability? I share exclusive recipe e-books, recipes, and 1:1 coaching with my clients! Click here to learn more about working with me!

How to maintain your 21 Day Fix results!

September 2015Anna LockeComment

So you just CRUSHED your first round of the 21 Day Fix.

Your sugar and junk food cravings are gone, you are FINALLY on a regular workout routine that gives you so much energy, you dropped a few pounds and feel lean and amazing in your favorite jeans, and you want to keep your momentum going but you're terrified of falling off the wagon, binging on pizza, spiraling back into your old habits and heading right back to square one.

Or maybe you really want to start incorporating more treats and balance back into your life so you can stop saying "pass the wine I'm out of yellows," but you aren't sure if that will completely de-rail you too.

Or maybe you haven't even tried the Fix yet but you've seen the cheesy yet weirdly addicting 21 Day Fix infomercials, or have been stalking my journey on social media and are curious about what the hype is all about.

Sound familiar?

Well, let's chat about what happens when you finish a round of the 21 Day Fix, because it IS possible to maintain your results, and continue to lose weight with subsequent rounds until you reach your goals. There's NOTHING standing in your way except your own mind, and you are never going back to the girl you were on Day 1. Or even yesterday. Once you make the decision to change your life, there's no going back!

I love love love this program for a billion reasons, and since I completed it myself back in March 2014 I've implemented the nutrition plan into my general daily life and pursuit of balance. I get asked all the time if this program is maintainable, and the answer is a big YES! If you are willing to do the work.

Why do I need the Fix?

Because you get to eat chocolate brownie pancakes and wine. Duh.

The 21 Day Fix is NOT necessarily a quick fix crash diet as the name implies, but rather a portion control system that emphasizes whole foods and a balanced approach to nutrition (plus the workouts are fast, fun, and unbelievably effective). The main reason why I love the program is because it does such an amazing job of providing structure and teaching you how to eat a healthy, balanced, whole-foods diet with room for flexibility and treats. You are in control of how many calories you eat so you don't have to restrict yourself.

(Read all my blog posts and reviews HERE!)

It’s not hard to learn how to eat right, but putting it into practice is a big challenge. How many times have you decided to “get back on track” or clean up your eating...only to return to the wine, and pizza the next time you have a draining day? (raises hand)

I’ve coached dozens of women through the 21 Day Fix in the last year and a half in my private accountability groups, and my mission is to first help them see and feel results fast, but then use those results as motivation to make deeper, lasting changes in their confidence and self worth so they can reach their healthy happy weight, stop dieting or obsessing about “fitness and nutrition plans” once and for all, and simply live their lives free from the emotional rollercoaster.

It’s impossible to fall off the wagon when the wagon is your LIFE.

I want to help women realize that healthy eating and working out are ways to honor your body and feel energized and vibrant, not means to an end. You aren’t a failure if you don’t lose X number of pounds, or if you made it through the 21 Day Fix’s more about how you feel about yourself on a day to day basis.

Even though the name of this program implies that it’s a quick fix, or that your lifestyle needs to be changed, I view it differently.

It's not about how many pounds or inches you can lose in three weeks. It's about taking 21 days to set HABITS you can maintain for the long haul, for long term results that will change your entire life, your confidence and self esteem from the inside out.

Chipotle + Wine .... #21DFapproved

Chipotle + Wine .... #21DFapproved

How I use the 21 Day Fix as a lifestyle plan

I use the Fix plan as a guideline to give me some structure and keep me on track. I don't use the containers to measure my food anymore, but I mentally track the containers I've eaten for each meal to make sure I'm eating enough veggies and the proper balance of carbs/fat/protein. I've definitely increased my healthy fats and treats now that I’m at a happy weight for my body and activity level, and I follow a higher maintenance calorie bracket. Whenever I feel like I'm falling off track or starting to get into mindless snacking habits, I just pay closer attention to my containers for a week or 2.  

I've been able to maintain my results, gain MORE muscle, and I don't ever stress out about cheat meals or feel guilty about food anymore, it's amazing. Oh I also threw away my scale so that's helped too :)

I combine the portion control system with the Tone It Up nutrition plan guidelines, because it's a balanced way of eating that works for my body and makes me feel good!

(Yesterday morning...working on getting stronger!)

(Yesterday morning...working on getting stronger!)

How to maintain your 21 Day Fix results


Treat it like a LIFESTYLE, not a diet. This is the way you should be eating for the rest of your life! Focus on using it as a tool to make lifestyle shifts and establish healthy habits, not as a deprivation plan or competition to lose weight fast.

Strive for excellence, not perfection. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t hit your containers perfectly, or fall off plan for a weekend. Just keep moving forward, and remember again, it’s not about how much weight you can lose in 3 weeks, it’s about how you can make sustainable lifestyle shifts.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Share your new lifestyle with your “real life” support system! Make sure your partner, family, friends, and co-workers understand your goals and values so they can be supportive. Eliminate negativity from your life...YOU are in control of what you think, what you eat, and how you feel. If you are one of my coaching clients, you're welcome in my long term accountability groups and challenges for as long as you need the support!

Get creative with your meals, and allow room for treats! Now that you've got the basics down, you can start looking for new fun recipes to try! I love Pinterest and Autumn's new cookbook Fixate.


Use the maintenance plan in the nutrition guide to calculate how many calories you need to support your lifestyle. This is also great when you are training for a marathon or endurance event and want to make sure you’re properly fueling without over-eating or gaining weight!

Honor and respect your body and your energy. If you are doing intense workouts, make sure to bump up your calorie bracket so you’re giving your muscles enough fuel!

Learn how to eyeball the correct portion sizes, and use the containers a couple times a month to make sure you are not over-estimating :)

Keep drinking Shakeology everyday! It will ensure your body is not nutrient deficient, and supports a healthy digestive and immune system so you can nourish your body from the inside out. (Learn why I love it HERE!)


21 day fix review

Here's my friend Melissa, who lost 50 pounds over the course of one year by implementing the 21 Day Fix portion control system into her normal life (with lots of wiggle room for treats, holidays, and  living life. It's not about being perfect or eating 100% "clean" foods, but rather about making small and lasting healthy shifts in your habits and lifestyle so your body can gradually reach its natural weight.

The accountability factor

It’s really hard to decide and commit to making long term changes in your health, especially when not all your friends, family, and co-workers are supportive or understand your motivation. That’s where I come in as a coach! I provide the motivation and emotional support via one on one emails and private group coaching to put you in a positive environment with other women who are working towards the same goals, who understand where you’re starting and will lift you up along the way and help you grow into the woman you’re meant to be.

I'll be there for you to cheer you on for as long as you need me.

You have to commit to doing it right and you have to do the work. I will help you believe in yourself, encourage you to dream bigger and take a chance on something that has the potential to change your entire life. I take your journey seriously because it takes serious guts to believe you're worth this investment, especially if nothing else has ever worked for you before, or if you feel like you have 80% of your nutrition down but can't seem to feel the way you want.

You don't have to diet, restrict, or deprive yourself to change your life. You just embrace the ups and downs, focus on your INNER transformation and the process more than the end physical results, surround yourself with a support system of other women who will encourage you, and never. give. up.

xoxo Anna

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