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My review of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course

It’s been almost three years since I completed my life coach training with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course, and I rave about it to everyone who messages me about becoming a life coach. I think it’s high time I shared my official review of the program!

You can read my story about why I became a life coach here.

Why life coaching?

If you’re passionate about getting to know other people without judgment, always the go-to trusted person for your friends and co-workers to vent their private issues, are obsessed with personal development and goal setting, are lit up by empowering others to reach their full potential, love working in a 1:1 setting, AND you’re wondering “should I be a life coach??” 

… the answer is probably yes.

I know you’re probably immediately jumping to self doubt, rationalizing why you would fail, maybe afraid of what your friends and family would think, and second (third/fourth/eleventh) guessing the decision. That is normal.

Coaching is a profession that chooses you, more than the other way around.

I strongly believe that life coaching is a calling, similar to being called into ministry, teaching, or any other service industry. It’s not for everyone.

It’s a privilege to be able to support people in achieving their deepest goals and desires, to hold a safe space for them to explore their inner worlds and acknowledge their personal dreams - sometimes for the very first time.

Although the coaching industry isn’t regulated by an official governing body and there are many successful coaches who will tell you that training and certification aren’t necessary, personally I knew I wanted to pursue training and certification because I wanted to make sure I was equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience to support clients with integrity.

Why I chose Beautiful You

I found myself going down the rabbit hole of stalking other life coaches online, and every one who inspired me the most had done their training through Beautiful You.

Then I read through the very first page of the website and felt SO SEEN!! Yes, Yes, Yes, check, check, check, that’s me. I mean, my tagline is “create an inspired life” and they use the word “inspire” no less than 19 times on the sales page.

It was an immediate 100% hell yes gut decision.

Not to mention, it’s one of the most affordable coach training programs and since it’s based out of Australia it’s even more affordable in USD (and offers a 12 month payment plan!)


What I loved most about the program

  • It is a comprehensive curriculum, covering coaching skills, goal setting, communication, mindset, establishing your brand, finding and supporting clients, and everything in between.

  • There is a major emphasis on helping people identify how they most want to feel in their life and how to become the person they most want to be, not just getting from point a to b or external achievement. 

  • The certification pathway is included in the course investment

  • I love the warm and encouraging yet no-nonsense personality of the lead trainer and founder Julie Parker. She is like a fairy godmother who will give you tough love when you need it.

  • Live Inspiration Days — you have the opportunity to attend a live event at the conclusion of your course. Most of these days are based in Australia but every couple years there is one in North America and I was able to attend one in San Francisco which was simply a magical experience, a combination of business training, celebration, networking, and tea party.

  • Feeling equipped for guiding clients through powerful transformation

  • Getting hard copies of the course materials

  • Bonus guest interviews with expert life and business coaches

  • The Live call times worked with my schedule despite being based out of Australia (evenings in CST) … they serve an international base of trainees and offer two different times so it doesn’t really matter where you live, you will most likely be able to attend the calls live.

  • An unexpected bonus has been the sense of community and continued support of certified coaches network

Basically, what you see on the website is what you get!  You can read in depth about the structure and details of the 6 month online program on the website here. 

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I’m a proud affiliate of the program. What does that mean?

When you enroll in the course, enter my name (Anna Locke) in the CODE section as shown below and you’ll receive my affiliate bonus at no extra cost to you.

My affiliate bonus:

Receive a full 3 month life coaching series with me, which can be used to fulfill one of your own certification requirements. A $1500 value! You will schedule 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions whenever you feel ready, but within one year of completing your program. I require that you complete the course modules first, as you will be focusing on your training and coaching with a buddy until then.

Your coaching series can be used to focus on your own personal growth and development, and/or accountability and support as you set up your own business. 

BYCA graduates and trainees are always my favorite clients and it would be an honor and my pleasure to support you!


Click here to view upcoming courses and enroll. Remember to use my name Anna Locke in the CODE section upon enrollment to receive my affiliate bonus.