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21 Day Fix Review and FAQ // Week Two

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(Pretty much everything I will eat this week.)

This is part three in my 21 Day Fix Series!

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I'm officially entering my third and final week of the 21 Day Fix program! I'm still loving it, but also starting to daydream about having more freedom and flexibility in my diet and workout routine again! But with only 7 days left I know I will finish strong.

I thought I'd combine my week two review with some FAQ to address some of the questions I've been getting lately. So if you've been interested in learning more about what the 21 Day Fix is and how it works, read on!

First of all, here's a snapshot of my Week 2 results.

I haven't lost a significant amount of weight or even inches from my body over this past week, but I am definitely gaining muscle definition all over! My arms, abs, obliques, and quads/booty are looking mighty fine and I am proud to flaunt it because this body is the result of hard, hard work. (I've been channeling a lot of classic Britney Spears -- if you want it, you gotta work, B*tch ;)

I love having the extra motivation to keep my diet super clean and whole-foods based. I haven't eaten a single processed food (anything out of a box) in two full weeks, and my body feels amazing! I also love motivating and encouraging the ladies in my current Challenge Group who are doing the program with me. They are getting fabulous results--my friend Kaite has lost 7 pounds so far and at least 7 inches all over her body, and is finding the confidence in herself that she hasn't experienced in years! Knowing that I can have such a positive influence on someone's life is the best feeling in the world.

21 Day Fix FAQ

+ What is the 21 Day Fix?

The 21DF is a fun and effective 21 day program of simple portion control and 30-minute workouts that ANYONE can do. If you're already active, the program will break through plateaus. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose and are a complete fitness beginner, this program is for you as well! If you're looking to lose 10-15 pounds and work towards being in the best shape of your life, this will do it.

The workouts and nutrition plan were created by Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity fitness trainer, bikini competitor, and single mom. Helloooo, girl crush ! She pushes you through the workouts without being scary or intimidating, and she makes you feel like she's right there with you in your living room.

With this program there is no counting calories, points, or carbs. The portion control containers take all the guesswork out of "dieting" and are the simplest way to control how much you eat--just fill them with your normal food and you're automatically hitting the perfect balance of nutrients to fuel and nourish your body! The workouts are short enough to fit into the busiest schedule, and there is a different workout for every day of the week so you'll never get bored. You just calculate how many containers you can eat each day, eat whatever food you can smash into them, do the assigned 30-minute workout, and you will lose up to 10-15 pounds!

If you have more than 15 pounds to lose or haven't reached your goal weight after one round, the program is safe to do over and over again.

See my original post for more info :)

+ Are you hungry on the 21 Day Fix?

Honestly, no. I am eating 5 times a day, and my body is technically getting everything it needs. Am I low on energy? Yes. Could I eat more? Heck yes. But I'm working out less than normal and it's a slower time at work right now so I've been able to handle it. If I feel like my blood sugar is going to take a dive I save myself with a teaspoon of peanut butter, and I have had no major problems in terms of temptation or cravings! The extent of my willpower is kind of amazing me, and I feel like after this I'll be able to take on any challenge that comes my way! Also: my mindless random snacking has been kicked to the curb!

Typical dinner: brown rice and beans, baked eggplant, lemon chicken, tahini sauce

+ Is Shakeology necessary, and how is it different from other protein shakes?

Shakeology is a superfood and protein meal replacement shake that is included when you purchase a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack. I do think it is a very important component of this program. First of all, it ensures that your body is getting all the vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, etc it needs while you're eating less than normal. Second, it will curb a craving like woah--it tastes like a milkshake, and is not even in the same taste/texture/satisfaction stratosphere as any other protein powder I've had. Everyone I know who has tried Shakeology has loved it (and I have caught Ben sneaking it too!), so I am not just making this up. It also makes a fast and easy breakfast in the morning!

I've tried three flavors so far. Chocolate is by far my favorite (tastes like brownie batter, no joke), vanilla is best blended with fruit or pb, and strawberry is my second favorite!

Is Shakeology Worth It?

This morning I poured some of the strawberry over my oats and it tasted EXACTLY like Quaker Instant Oatmeal. Only a billion times better for you.

+ What is a Challenge Group?

Running a Challenge Group is my new favorite thing to do, and being a part of one is the most valuable opportunity that comes with the 21 Day Fix. If you order any Beachbody fitness program through me, I am considered your "coach" and will be your constant cheerleader and motivator throughout your whole experience--plus you get to participate in a small, private Facebook Group with other women who are doing the same program at the same time. You'll be held accountable, get daily support and encouragement, share recipes, tips, and questions, and share struggles and successes! Honestly, being a member of a Challenge Group myself right now is the only thing keeping me so on top of this program! And now that I've personally experienced the 21 Day Fix, I can give my future Challengers the best possible guidance and support.

If you're interested in joining my next Challenge Group, you can CLICK HERE to apply!

I would LOVE to work with you to reach your goals !!! Plus I will make it fun, I promise :)

+ How does this work with the TIU plan?

I am still following the Tone It Up nutrition plan while on the 21 Day Fix. It sounds complicated but it's been incredibly easy and has actually kept me MORE committed and locked in to Tone It Up! I feel like I am finally truly understanding the power of TIU and am hoping to continue this momentum. I follow the structure of the TIU plan and fit it into my 21DF containers. I've also discovered that if I eat my carbs in the morning and fats in the evening my energy is much less likely to crash in the afternoon!

If you're already a TIU girl, here are my thoughts: I consider Tone It Up to be a lifestyle, and the 21 Day Fix to be a turbo-boost to reset your nutrition or break through a plateau, or show you exactly how much food you should be eating. Because yes, it IS possible to be eating too much healthy food (especially nut butters, my personal weakness)!

+ Are your groceries expensive?

Due to the crazy meal planning I've been doing for the Fix, we've been spending on average $30-$40 LESS per week on groceries!!! I plan every single meal in advance, up until the 6th or 7th day when I wait to see what food is left in our house :)

Here's the meal plan I made for Week 2! Click to enlarge.

+ Is this a stand-alone program, or can you incorporate it into your lifestyle after the 21 days are over?

You can definitely incorporate this program into your lifestyle! I love the fool-proof way to measure correct portion sizes. Once I'm done, I am going to spend at least a week transitioning out of the Fix. I'll bump up my calories to my normal levels (1,800 instead of 1,400), but I'll still follow the container system until I get the hang of it and can intuitively eat the correct daily balance of foods! Pre-Fix I was eating 80% clean, but my proportions of healthy fats were a little too high.

+ What if I'm a complete fitness beginner--are the workouts modifiable for different fitness levels?

YES! There are awesome beginner modifications. The workouts truly are for ALL fitness levels. All you need are a set of light weights, a set of heavier weights, and a mat!

+ I am scared to commit--how can I be sure I'll follow through?

Girl, that's what I'm here for! Also, the Inspire Joy Bootcamp will keep you accountable!

+ I just want to tone up, can this help me?

YES! Let's be honest, I have no weight to lose. And I'm not losing any! But I am gaining so much lean muscle all over my entire body, and my "squishy edges" are firming up! I'm finally rocking the body that I have wanted and worked for my entire life--and I've achieved it in less than 3 weeks.

+ How strict is the plan?

Just like any fitness program (, you have to give it your 100% in order to reach your full potential. My mantra is don't let yourself down! In terms of "strictness," the plan isn't bad because there aren't really any off-limits foods. You eat normal healthy food, carbs, wine, treats, as long as you balance them into your day! It is very important to plan your meals in advance, especially if you'll be going out to eat or attending social events.

Banana soft serve...NOMS

+ Is it safe for nursing mamas?

Yes! Obviously consult with your doctor first, but it is definitely safe! If you are nursing, you will just bump up to the next calorie level.

+ Can I eat PB2 or protein (Quest) bars?

This one is for my TIU girls. Unfortunately, all our healthy treat foods are off limits!!! Whole foods only, including whole eggs! You can do anything for 21 days :)

And don't worry, you can definitely have your Perfect Fit pancakes!

Ahh I love this woman.

+ Can I do additional workouts on top of the 30 minutes?

I do not recommend adding extra workouts on top of the 21 Day Fix. Yes, the workouts are only 30 minutes but you should be pushing yourself to the MAX! This program was designed for you to get the best results from following it to the letter. If you're burning more calories, you will need to increase your calories! If you're training for a race and HAVE to add extra runs or cardio, just make sure you're eating the correct calorie bracket.

+ Do I have to take progress pictures and measurements every week?

YES! Take those awkward bathroom selfies. Photos and measurements are the most effective way for you to track your progress, even if it feels like nothing is happening! The scale is not always your friend.

Have any other questions? Feel free to email me, I love to chat :)

Are you ready to make a change, start working towards a healthier lifestyle, discover your potential, shape up for a wedding, finally lose those extra pounds, or simply gain the MOST CONFIDENCE you have ever owned? You can do it, and I am here for you!!

Interested in giving the Fix a shot? Click below to learn more about coaching with me!

xo Anna