Anna Maria Locke

looking forward


It's funny how much everything can change in the span of one year, and yet come full circle back to the start.

The fleeting, transitional times in between seasons have always been my favorite times of the year. Changes are happening every day to shake us awake, and I am reminded that nothing lasts forever, not even winter. Today we got dumped with several inches of wet heavy snow, but just two days ago it was balmy and sunny, and mothers with strollers and babies strapped to their chests returned to wander the zoo, sidestepping the slushy puddles to see the lions sleeping on their heated rocks. It was warm enough for the carousel to open, and the pipe organ sounded almost eerie echoing across the piles of snow and bare landscape. A spring scene on a winter backdrop, unsettling yet encouraging.

At this time last year, I was one month away from accepting the full time job I'd been searching almost two years to find. My whole life was caught in one big transition along with the changing seasons. This time last year I wrote a post about my goals for March 2013, and it makes me smile to look back on them because some of them I achieved, and some were swept to the side as I started my "real job." It's a strange experience to connect with a version of your previous self. Now that I've been working full time for almost a year, I feel like my life is settling down enough for me to return to those creative goals, and I've been feeling a renewed motivation to really get serious and build my creative brand like I've been "meaning to" for so many months. When I'm on fire, I want to accomplish ALL THE THINGS at once, but I need to practice patience and just enjoy the process. No matter how slowly you move, as long as you're headed in the right direction you will eventually make it to your destination.

March Goals (2013)

For the shop:
-Add a spring line of scarves/headbands (aka stop knitting! start sewing!) // I definitely accomplished this, and my lace-trimmed infinity scarves have been massively successful!
-Market and promote by reaching out to blogs and actually using twitter //
Twitter, I'm sorry. I just don't have time for you. Instagram, on the other hand...
-Reach 20 sales // Twelve months later, I'm at 182 sales. BAM!

For the blog:
-Take it seriously: actually post more frequently, at least 3x week // I was on a roll! Until that full time job started taking up my all time, how silly of it. I am newly re-committed to getting back on the posting schedule!
-Post more tutorials and submit to craftgawker // I was also on a roll with this, and my tutorials have given me SO MANY hits. New goal: post more tutorials.

For me:
-Workout before 8 am (eek) // Totally and completely dominated this one. See previous two posts... I am on a 5:30 am workout kick and loving it.
-Run 2x a week // 2013 was a great running year for me! I ended up making new 5k and 4 mile PR's.
-Finish the name changing thing // Changed my name...on most things...
-Finish reading Anna Karenina // Ha. Haha.

I have plenty of new goals for this March, and 2014 in general. They are a lot bigger and scarier than last years' but over the past year I've gained a lot of confidence in myself and I'm excited to keep pushing out of my comfort zone. I'm not ready to post my new list of intentions and dreams on the internet for everyone to see, but I am definitely working on putting them into words and actions. 

2014 is the year of JUST DO IT. Believe in yourself, and dream big.