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Learning to trust the process - my first 3 years as a Beachbody coach (and what's next for Inspire Joy!)

2017Anna Locke

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in a decade.”

-Bill Gates

Hello friends! It's been a while since I shared my heart on the blog, but I've missed this space so I'm excited to announce that I'M BACK!!

I've been going through some big and exciting shifts and changes in my life and business behind the scenes over the past few months, and I needed to take some time to process and integrate everything. AKA figure out wtf I'm doing with my life! As usual.

This past month marked a pretty big milestone for me: my 3rd anniversary with Beachbody.

I've actually never held a full time job for this long in my entire life, and I'm pretty proud to be standing here three years later, still chugging along with my business and team Inspire Joy.

Beachbody has taken me on the journey of a lifetime: I've literally traveled all over the world and also deep into myself and my soul's purpose.

It's been so much more than a heath and fitness platform.

It's been a door and a path for me to find myself, heal my anxiety, overcome self doubt, pivot into a career path and a lifestyle that is completely aligned with my passions and strengths, support myself financially/physically/emotionally/creatively, and serve other women in a bigger way.

In late February 2014, I made the decision to try out Beachbody coaching.

"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, "because of you, I didn't give up."

This quote has been my guiding mantra since literally Day One.

I want my life to mean something. I want to share my experiences and connect with other women so we feel seen, heard, and understood. I want to empower myself and other women to dig deep, fight for our happiness, and never settle for less than we're worth whether that's in our job, relationships, or the way we treat ourselves.

Why did I sign up with Beachbody?

Well to be honest, I can't really explain. It was one of those intuitive/God moments where I felt called, like there was a plan in place and I had to hop on the train without worrying about the details or how it was all going to go down.

Back in 2014 I was in a pretty deep quarter life crisis rut, feeling lost, insecure, dealing with chronic food and body image issues, lacking a sense of purpose or hope in my life, and feeling backed into a career corner.

I was craving more positivity in my life and a community of people who were MY people.

The opportunity to earn an income by sharing my passion for health and fitness and sharing my story and inspiring other women along the way was irresistible.

Not to mention the glimmer of hope that I could maybe even be my own boss!

So I did the damn thing.

I quit my job 6 months in with a few months of living expenses in savings, fueled on optimism, dreams, and the blind confidence that comes when I'm starting something new and exciting.


Since then I've learned more about myself than I ever thought possible, and to be honest it's taken me these three full years to find my groove and confidence as an entrepreneur.

I want to share some of the biggest lessons I've learned on my journey so far because I always love looking back at how far I've come, and I know that in three more years (or 10, or 20) I want to be able to look back at this post and smile.

I also want to hopefully inspire YOU to take a leap (or baby step) of faith on your own intuition too. It takes work, but there's a wide world of happiness and joy out there waiting for you!

Lessons learned in 3 years of Beachbody coaching

1. It's so important to get clear on your own definition of success.

If you let other people define what success means, you'll either constantly be caught in comparison-itis and never feel like you're quite "there" yet, or else you'll blindly move through life on autopilot only to wake up one morning and not even recognize who you are anymore.

Define success based on your priorities, YOUR goals and dreams, and on how you want to show up in your life each and every day.

First get clear on how you want to feel, and then figure out what you can do NOW to experience those feelings in the present moment. If you don't know how to be happy today, you won't know how to be happy even when you reach your goal, and you'll constantly feel empty or postpone your happiness until some distant imaginary point in the future when you reach XYZ goal.

2. No one will care about your goals and dreams as much as you -- and YOU are the only one who can make them happen.

So stop waiting and wishing for the stars to align and get out there! Be fierce with your goals and dreams. Braindump a huge list of everything you'll need to do/learn/become/release to make them happen, break them down into micro tasks you can complete in less than a day, and then put them on your calendar and make it happen!

3. Use jealousy for your own good.

This is an interesting lesson I'm still practicing, because I used to be super insecure and would get SO jealous when I saw a woman out there in the world crushing life and doing all the things I wanted to do deep down. I'd build a wall between her and me, and put myself down for not being "there" yet.

But it's not because I'm not good enough or that I can't be where she's at.

It's safe to celebrate the success or beauty of other women without questioning our own! It's so important to lift each other up instead of tearing ourselves and each other down.

I'm learning that when we feel that prick of envy, it's because we see something in that person that we see in ourselves too- something that we aren't yet acknowledging or owning. Get curious with your jealousy and ask yourself "what does she have that I want? How can I nurture or acknowledge those qualities in myself?"

And for the love of woman power, don't ever put other people on a pedestal. Raise your OWN pedestal to meet them, because deep down we're all the same. Send her a message to thank her for having the guts and courage to go for it, and tell her how much you admire her work!

4. HAVE PATIENCE and learn how to enjoy the process as you're working towards your goals!

Entrepreneurship is like building a house: everything is going to take 4x as long as your expected timeline.

Trust the process, focus on the journey not the results!

Allow yourself to grow and evolve.

"Just because we can't yet see something happening, doesn't mean it's not happening. So long as we keep dreaming and taking baby steps, in spite of not knowing where they may land or how they may be used later." (Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe)

5. You always have enough time to do what really matters.

Lack of time is not a valid excuse for why you're not working on your passions and doing the things you want to do.

How do I know this? Because I now have 100% complete control over my own time, and I still struggle to do all the things!

Yes, you need time. But you also need energy, focus, discipline, and belief in yourself.

If something is truly important to you, you'll make the time.

6. Focus on happiness, and success will follow.

I've always been an overachiever, and for most of my life I was a slave to success. I worked and worked and sacrificed my mental and emotional wellbeing at the altar of productivity.

Something I'm finally learning is that happiness doesn't come when we're successful.

If we're only focusing on achieving the external goals, we'll still feel empty once we reach them. When we put our happiness FIRST, success will follow.

Same thing with weight loss: When you put taking care of your body first and focus on eating things that make you feel healthy and energized, the pounds will drop off!

7. We all need support.

I'm a control freak, a perfectionist, and an oldest child with a wild rebellious streak deep down.

It is SO hard for me to ask for help, but we can't do life or achieve success and happiness alone. Find people who will share your vision and pull you to keep working on what's important. 

Start with baby steps, like receiving a compliment instead of brushing it off!

8. Your purpose isn't something you have to "discover" or figure out.

It's inside you already. You just have to get quiet to listen to your heart and learn how to TRUST your own voice.

9. Courage comes from taking action before we feel ready.

If we wait until we're ready or we have time, or everything in life is perfect and the stars are all aligned before we take the first step, guess what? We'll never get there.

I love using the car analogy: when we're driving in the dark, we can only see as far as our headlights, but do we freak out that we can't see what lies ahead on the highway between our starting place and our final destination? No! We trust that the road is there and we'll be able to make the entire journey even though we can only see the tiny bit of road illuminated right in front of us. There might be deer, road construction, detours, pitstops, flat tires, and unexpected adventures along the way, but that's ok!

The same is true with life. We'll only ever be able to see the next couple steps ahead of us, but if we trust the path will appear and keep moving, we'll get to where we need to be.

Take action before you're ready and figure it out as you go.

You don't have to be fearless, you just need 10 seconds of bravery to send the email/make the call/publish the blog post/tell your friend about your crazy idea.

The only way to figure everything out when you're feeling lost or overwhelmed is to get moving. Clarity comes from getting in the trenches. You don't have to take big giant leaps. Start where you're at and figure out the very first teeny tiny baby step. Then do it! Find someone to hold you accountable and celebrate every single micro-victory along the way!

10. Invest in yourself.

Dreams don't come for free, baby.

Treat your personal development, growth, and business like you're going back to college for a PhD in YOU.

Get your finances under control and make sure you're spending your money where your priorities lie!

Invest in the best quality food, supplements, self care, coaches, designers, and therapists that you can, depending on what you need. Can you bootstrap and DIY stuff on your own? Maybe. But is that really the best use of your time and energy, and will you get the results you desire?

Don't cut corners on yourself. It's like planning a wedding. Use the pros! 

And remember that nothing is a waste of money if it will make you happier, healthier, or wealthier in the long haul. Investments have returns. The more you pour into yourself, the more you'll be able to pour into the world, and the more richly you'll be rewarded in love, success, and abundance.

BONUS LESSON: Dreams don't work unless you do.

I am not lucky. I have worked my booty off to create my own definition of success and happiness. But it IS POSSIBLE!

I've grown so much in the past three years on the inside and out. I feel so blessed to be part of a company that truly values giving back and helping people change their own lives, and I'm super excited for this next chapter in the story.

Because of the financial and personal freedom I've been able to create thanks to Beachbody coaching, I decided to follow my passion of helping women transform on the inside even farther and become a certified life coach! I'm now super excited to be able to support women on a more intensive 1:1 level in addition to my health and fitness accountability groups and coach business mentorships.

What's next for Inspire Joy?

Because I'm branching out, I'm officially launching a new blog Inspire Joy for my Beachbody business, where I'll be sharing my health and wellness tips, self care and self love pep talks, the strategies I'm learning about how to create an authentic and profitable business, how to find balance, and all things wellness and woman power! You can also download my free meal planning and recipe guide and subscribe to my weekly wellness newsletter over there.

My vision for my Beachbody business and team Inspire Joy is to create a community and sisterhood of empowered women who are passionate about making their own self care, health, and happiness a priority, desire more freedom and control over their lifestyle choices and career path, and want to pay it forward to help other people take ownership of their health and happiness too. The world needs more strong and confident women who are unapologetic about owning their voice and standing in their own power, and Inspire Joy is a leadership incubator to provide a safe space for us to grow and evolve into the women we're meant to be. It all starts with self care and self love!

What's next for this blog?

THIS blog will revert back to what it was in the very beginning when I started writing in 2009: my online journal, creative outlet, and a space for me to share my heart and the life lessons I'm learning from the trenches.

Expect to see lots more stories, rambles, DIY tutorials, and behind the scenes updates!

And make sure to sign up for my monthly AML News to get the latest posts, updates, and surprises straight to your inbox.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and following along. Let me know if this post resonated with you, I love hearing from you!!

xo Anna

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes.

Beachbody Coach Summit 2016 Recap!

August 2016, 2016Anna Locke
It was about no longer being the kind of person who takes what she can get, and finally becoming the kind of person who creates exactly what she wants.
— Jen Sincero

Well, Ben is back to school this week so it's officially time for me to get back to work and update the bloggyblog. Consider this my "What I Did With My Summer" report, starting with my Coach Summit recap!

In July we took an EPIC trip to Nashville, TN for the annual Beachbody Coach Summit, which is kind of like a conference, girls trip, family reunion, personal development retreat, business and leadership training event, the Academy Awards, and the Olympics all rolled into one.

I'm not exaggerating.

This was my second Summit and I was super excited to be able to share it with Ben! He's such a good sport, and was obviously equally excited to spend a long weekend in a house with 10 other women just like me.

Last year I arrived in Nashville with wide eyes, and open heart, and absolutely no idea what to expect. It was a whirlwind and I felt like my heart and soul were blown wide open with the energy, emotion, knowledge, and sheer joy of spending time with some of my favorite people, immersed in learning and sharing and living what we're most passionate about - growing and learning and helping other people. You can read my gushy 2015 new coach recap here!

This year was a completely different yet equally amazing experience. I'm another year older, wider, and more experienced, and HOLY CRAP it's pretty amazing how much we can change and grow in just one year.

I was a lot calmer and able to relax and enjoy being in my element and soaking everything in.

Last year I shared Summit with 6 of the coaches on my team Inspire Joy, and we crammed into rooms at a cheap motel on the side of the highway. We woke up at 5:30am to workout with Shaun T and Autumn Calabrese, stayed up past midnight at the celebration events, partied a little too hard, survived on Shakeology and adrenaline, and left feeling on fire and overwhelmed in the best possible way.

This year I brought 10 coaches on my team, and we decided to rent a house in the suburbs so we could have a kitchen, more space, and a little more peace and calm to retreat from the high energy of the event. BEST DECISION EVER.

Yup, we had 10 women plus Ben in one house. Ben survived... and I'm proud to say we made it everywhere on time and had zero girl drama. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and we don't accept drama over in this club! Chill is the word.

Our first night we made dinner together and spent the night drinking wine, Snapchatting, and soaking it all in. It was the first time a lot of us had met each other in "real life" after spending hours and hours together online in our team webinars and groups.

The craziest part is that I met every single one of these women through social media, Instagram, and the internet, but together it felt like reuniting with long lost soul sisters. 

The modern world is CRAZY AWESOME, making it so easy to connect with women literally just like you.

Psst - this is your sign...if you've been stalking my blog and thinking "omg we could be friends"...reach out and let's make that happen!

Thursday was the first official day of Summit, so I headed downtown to the Music City Center to check-in, and then had to report to the big football stadium for rehearsals for the night's big opening recognition ceremony!

This year I was recognized as a One Star Diamond Coach, which means that I have at least one Diamond ranked coach on my team. To be a Diamond you have to lead an organization of at least 12 coaches, and it's the first major milestone if you're serious about creating a part-time or full-time income through Beachbody coaching. (My goal next year is to have at least 8 diamonds on my team!)

I also was honored for being a Success Club Legend, which means I helped at least 3 new clients every single month get started on their health and fitness journeys for 24 consecutive months!

Beachbody is ridiculously great at recognizing coaches for their hard work. 

For the recognition rehearsal, I was herded into a tunnel beneath the football field with all the other new One Star Diamond coaches, and felt like Beyonce walking out into an NFL stadium. There were on and off thunderstorms and downpours, but Beachbody simply handed out ponchos and we got it done. They're seriously impressive at event organization.

Here are a couple pictures of the empty stadium during rehearsal, and then Ben and I at the opening Celebration!!

Last year I sat with my coaches in the nosebleed seats in the stands, and made it my goal to make it down to the floor seats by this year ... and I actually pulled it off!

It's SO important to create goals and a vision for your life so you can constantly work towards something bigger that matters to you. Put it out into the universe and everything will fall into place, even if it turns out a little different than what you originally expected.

Knowing that my girls were in the stands cheering me on was the best feeing ever and was so proud to represent our team!

Thursday night's opening celebration was full of recognizing all the top coaches and leaders in the network and hearing about the exciting new products and programs that will be launching throughout the rest of the year.

Friday and Saturday were full of seminars, workshops, and learning!

There were 25,000 coaches in Nashville for Summit, so all our events were held in the Music City Center, Bridgestone Arena, and Nissan Stadium ... aka all the huge convention centers and sports arenas.

We heard from keynote speakers, social media experts, and online business experts like Gary Vaynerchuk, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, our CEO Carl Daikeler, and other top coaches in the organization including my own mentor Chelsea!

I was so proud to see her up on stage in front of 3,000 coaches!

One of the best parts about Beachbody is that it's a culture of duplication and service, which means everyone wants to help everyone else succeed. Top coaches don't keep secrets and corporate provides us with a ridiculously high level of business training, tools, and resources.

That's honestly why I was brave enough to quit my old job and partner with Beachbody as a full time coach two years ago -- the business is a system and you're provided with literally EVERYTHING you need to create a six figure business, you just have to put in the work and effort. There's pretty much zero risk involved, as long as you're consistent and show up for yourself and your business every single day.

And those were my main takeaways from all the workshops: hard work and patience will pay off. Not everyone is willing to stick it out and trust in the bigger picture, so they give up on themselves too early, but if you're willing to commit even just 3-4 years of your life to work on creating something really great, you literally CAN'T fail. Good things take time, and that's ok!

If you're a fellow coach or entrepreneur and want to see what we learned, you can find my full notes from the business workshops and seminars here!

And of course between all the workshops and learning there was plenty of going out and celebrating too!

Nashville is such a fun city. Our favorite spot to hangout was ACME, a four story bar and restaurant with a rooftop overlooking Broadway, the river, and the stadium!

What I love most about my team is that we're just regular down to earth, fun loving women who share big dreams.

We value authenticity, creativity, community, service, leadership, and personal development...but also love to be silly and let loose with a few glasses of wine or grapefruit sodas. Because that's what life is all about. Work hard, play hard!

Surround yourself with positive, growth-minded people who share your vision and values.

Commit to learning, growing, and constantly evolving into your best self.

It's up to YOU to create the life, job, and opportunities you want, so be ready to do the work, have infinite patience, and trust the process even if you don't see immediate results. It takes time and effort to create something built to last, and that's ok. We'll encourage, empower each other, and have as much fun as possible along the way!

If you're curious about joining our team or learning more about my new coach mentorships, reach out and shoot me an email! I love talking about what I do and I'm always looking to partner up with women who are independent, driven, ambitious, big-hearted, and want to serve others and be part of something bigger.

We were all born to fly :)

xo Anna

21 Day Fix Extreme Review!

July 2016, 2016Anna Locke

Oh heyyyy it's time for another fun fitness update!!

Today I officially completed the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this strong, confident, and proud of myself from the inside out. I’ve come so far since I did the original 21 Day Fix for the first time back in March 2014, and I wanted to challenge myself and see what would happen if I committed 100% to a program again!

“When you lose your excuses you will find your results” -Autumn Calabrese

Beachbody trainers are always chock full of motivational quotes, but this one stuck out to me this month as I completed the 21 Day Fix Extreme because isn’t that a metaphor for everything in life?

We HAVE to get out of our own way in order to grow into the person we’re meant to be.

Some of my own excuses that popped up when I was thinking about doing this program --

“But I want wine and treats because SUMMER”

“I can’t fully commit, I’m going to leave myself wiggle room for wine and weekends...”

“I’ll never have the discipline to see this program through”

“I don’t want to feel deprived”

(See a pattern? This girl loves her wine and celebrating life with food!)

But you know what? I decided to commit. I decided that it wasn’t about willpower or discipline or forcing through or punching fear in the face or deprivation or all those aggressive tactics we use to shame and guilt and force our way into changing our bodies and habits.

I decided to take a more compassionate route, and simply get curious. I wanted to see what would happen if I devoted myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to taking the best care possible of myself.

This is the FIRST TIME I've ever done a fitness program because I want to take care of my body from the inside out. The FIRST TIME I haven't cared about what I look like, or put pressure on myself to lose weight or get an impressive before/after picture.

And let me tell you -- it's SO MUCH EASIER to stick to a program and say "no" to wine and sugar when you're motivating yourself based on love and appreciation for your body instead of feeling like you need to change to be happy.

Did I want to drop a few pounds and have more defined abs? Heck yes. But does it really matter in the end? Nope. I will love and appreciate myself no matter what.

It's ok to like your body and still want to change it.

And guess what? When you make that decision out of love and self-compassion and the curiosity to discover the strongest and healthiest version of yourself ... the results will happen as a side effect.

I decided to make July my month of EPIC self care.

I didn’t do this program to lose weight or inches, and didn’t weigh or measure myself at all. I wanted to do it for the internal changes and the confidence I always feel when I finish a hard program, and to honor my body through healthy nourishing food and challenging exercise.

I wanted to break my usual summer cycle of eating super healthy during the week, then over-indulging in wine, cocktails, froyo, and treats on the weekend and feeling like crap come Monday morning.

I wanted to spend less time working out and thinking about food, and have a simple plan to follow so I could free up my energy to focus on finishing my life coaching course.

Most of all, I knew that this month was going to be a STRETCH month for me personally and professionally, so I wanted to make sure I was taking care of myself while pushing my limits, doing big scary-exciting things like becoming a life coach and hosting live webinars for my team, and pouring love and energy into my challengers and coaches.

(I can’t emphasize how important it is to put your own energy first, especially when you spend your day pouring into others. Make sure you’re pouring from a full cup, or else you’ll burn out!)

(I know you're looking at that ice cream and honey nut cheerios... they were for my hubby I PROMISE! :)

(I know you're looking at that ice cream and honey nut cheerios... they were for my hubby I PROMISE! :)

What is the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

Put simply, it’s a next level version of the 21 Day Fix (which you learn more about on my blog here), but all you need to know is that the workouts are more challenging and the nutrition plan is a little more “strict.” In the regular 21DF you can have wine, chocolate, treats in moderation.

It uses the same nutrition plan that’s based on portion control, and you calculate the range of calories/day you need to achieve your goals then measure out your portions with the cute colored containers.

The 21DFX is geared towards fueling your body with the most nutrient-dense foods possible so it seems a little more strict, but if you make a mindset shift and remind yourself that you’re just saying “not right now” to the sugar and booze and saving them for later in order to say a bigger YES to the healthiest version of yourself, you won’t feel deprived. Your perception creates your reality - I focused on all the delicious yummy foods I could treat my body with and I can honestly say I didn’t miss sugar at all. Wine on the other hand … yeah I missed wine.

I love this program because it combines fitness AND nutrition. It’s easy to work out, but knowing how to eat right is what will make or break your results when you’re trying to work on health and wellness goals.

You can follow this program to lose weight, gain weight, or (like me) simply feel your absolute BEST from the inside out. You’re in control of your results, the amount of food you eat, and what you make of it.

There are 7 different workouts you cycle through each week, split between weight training circuits (upper body/lower body), cardio with weights, Plyometrics, Pilates, and yoga. All of the workouts are only 30-32 minutes, and are circuit-based, which means you’ll do a move for 30-60 minutes, move on to another move, and then repeat each circuit of moves 3-4 times.

One of the main differences between the regular and extreme versions is that Extreme uses more COMPOUND moves that work your entire body at once, and the regular Fix uses simple moves that are easier to master and learn.

I love this program because it has structure, but also gives you a lot of freedom. It’s not about being perfect or hitting a certain number of calories, because our bodies can’t tell the difference. It’s about eating certain portions of food to give your body the right amount of macro-nutrients (protein/carbs/fat) to feel energized, fuel your workouts, and change your body composition.

A typical day of eats

Doing this program made me realize how far I've come in my health and wellness journey, and with my relationship with food, because I didn't have to make any major changes to my diet at all! The main challenge for me was eliminating sugar and alcohol.

Here's what a typical day of eating looks like for me, both on AND off the 21DF plan.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit and protein powder, or toast and eggs

Morning snack: Vegan chocolate Shakeology blended with almond milk and ice

Lunch: GIANT salad (I love salads!) or leftovers

Afternoon snack: Veggies and hummus, or my Shakeo if I haven't had it yet

Dinner: Some combo of protein, veggies, and healthy carbs (sweet potatoes, rice, and quinoa are my go-to's) or another giant salad.

If I was hungry at night, I'd have a bedtime snack of Greek yogurt, berries, or a Shakeo mug cake. 

I also LOVED using the chocolate Recover protein shake from the Beachbody Performance Line, and drank one 4-5 times a week after my more intense workouts. It's an all-natural protein powder designed to reduce muscle soreness and I swear it made a huge difference for me (AND all Performance Line supplements count as "free" containers!)

My typical weekly meal plan

I've found it's easiest for me to assign certain "containers" (aka food groups) to each meal and snack, and stay consistent every day, just rotating in different food combinations. So for example, for breakfast I'll have a carb, a protein, a fruit, and a teaspoon of healthy fat. This could look like oatmeal with eggs, fruit, and peanut butter, or toast with eggs and fruit.

I share my weekly meal plans and recipes with my Challenge Groups and clients. Here's a sneak peek of a typical week in my life!

What I learned on the 21 Day Fix Extreme

I’ve really been able to make the 21 Day Fix a lifestyle. I didn’t have to make any major adjustments to my normal diet at all. The biggest challenges for me were giving up wine and sugar, but I did it!

I learned that I can survive without alcohol, even at social events… and that some sparkling water or La Croix with a dash of liquid stevia and squeeze of lemon juice is DELICIOUS.

I learned how to eat more mindfully, and loved giving my body the best possible food. I learned how to enjoy every single bite or sip instead of mindlessly eating crap that I didn’t even truly want.

I learned how to give up emotional eating! Because of the boundaries and structure I had in place, every time I was tempted to mindlessly take a sip of Ben’s beer or dig into the ice cream in the freezer, I could check myself and tune into what I was TRULY craving. Learning how to process emotions in positive ways instead of numbing and suppressing them with food is a skill I want to help all women master, because it feels so incredible and freeing.

I learned that I need to have snacks on hand when I’m out and about (apple slices and almonds are my go-to’s!) to balance my energy throughout the day. Food is fuel! When you’re eating pure unprocessed nutrient-dense foods, your metabolism will burn right through them, so it’s ok to feel like you’re eating more.

I learned that I can live without sugar and dessert, so in the future it will be a lot easier for me to pass on the desserts, and fully savor and enjoy a glass of really good wine.

Getting results doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” and that 30 minute workouts are really all you need. Stop abusing your body and slaving away with hours of exercise … stop feeling like you’re never doing enough and always need to be burning more calories or working out harder and longer. When you give your body time to rest and recover, you’ll actually see more changes, and you’ll also have the energy to enjoy your life.

I learned that it’s ok to follow the modifier when I couldn’t keep up with the moves, and it’s ok to feel weak. Feeling weak doesn’t mean you’re weak -- it means that you’ve found your edge and have room to improve and become stronger! It’s something to CELEBRATE, not beat yourself up over.

Tips for success

  • You have to go all in for yourself. Don't leave ANY room for excuses to creep in. Trust yourself, and trust that you can do anything for 21 days!
  • Stay hydrated. Water is so important... I love making infused water with ginger, mint, and lemon.
  • Start slow! Use light weights and the modifier to master the moves. Form is SO important than being a hero, especially if you’re working out at home without a trainer to give you adjustments and tips. Trust me - even modifying the moves you’ll feel it the next day!

Here was my approach:

Week 1 - light weights, follow the modifier

Week 2 - increase weights, try the regular moves if you’ve mastered form, add the 10 min abs twice a week

Week 3 - challenge and push yourself while honoring your limits

  • Make sure to warm up and stretch before and after the workout. I didn’t feel like the warm up and stretches were sufficient, you only get 2-3 minutes at either end of the workout, and there aren’t any “off” days with this program, just “active rest” days with Pilates and Yoga that will still challenge your muscles. On most days I went outside for a quick walk or jog around the block to warm up, and I also tried to foam roll a couple times a week to recover. You can also substitute a yoga class or longer yoga routine for the 30 minute yoga day.

21 Day Fix Extreme FAQ’s

Should I do the 21 Day Fix or 21DF Extreme?

I always recommend starting with the original 21 Day Fix if you’ve never done it before, because it will lay a really solid foundation and teach you the basics of the portion control system. If you’ve been working out consistently for several months, have mastered other programs, and are looking to take your results to the next level, then Extreme might be for you. IT’S HARD. I still had to follow the modifier by the end for some of the moves, and sometimes I couldn’t even finish the whole set WITH modifications. Don’t let your ego choose for you or you’ll end up injuring yourself and feeling defeated.

If you want to talk about your goals or chat about the best program for you, shoot me a message!

Do I have to do Shakeology?

You don't HAVE to, but it will make your experience a lot more delicious, help you eliminate sugar cravings, give you TONS of energy, and make sure your body is getting all the micro-nutrients it needs. So in other words, it's worth it!

Will I feel hungry or deprived?

You might feel hungry at first as your body adjusts, but I didn’t really have any issues and I LOVE FOOD. If your energy dips, you can eat an extra piece of fruit or bump up to the next calorie bracket to make sure you’re fueling your body properly! In terms of feeling deprived -- that’s more of a mindset thing. Focus on what you CAN eat, and remind yourself you’re not saying “no,” you’re just saying “not right now” to indulgent treats.

Are the results maintainable?

Yes! I wrote a blog post about how to maintain your results and use the 21 Day Fix as a lifestyle plan here.

I’m super lazy and unmotivated, will I be able to do this?

It’s only 21 days -- seriously that’s such a short period of time and it’s going to fly by. Less than a month!

Can I do this while pregnant/breastfeeding?

Ask your doctor, but it’s likely! If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll usually bump up your calorie bracket and eat extra food, but still in the propor portions and ratio of protein/carbs/fat.

Can I do this program and train for a race at the same time?

I’m not a trained professional so I can’t give advice except to listen to your body. Personally, I would never add additional workouts or runs to an intense program like this because its designed to push your body to its limits… however if you wanted to EXCHANGE the cardio workouts for runs that would probably be ok. Just make sure you’re adjusting your calorie bracket accordingly, because it’s designed for 30 minute workouts and you want to be very careful to fuel properly to avoid injury or damaging your metabolism.


I think this program might be my fave. I love the balance of different workouts, love that they're SHORT yet challenging, and I LOVE the results I've gained on the inside and out. Being healthy is about so much more than weight. Your body will naturally assume its healthy weight when you're treating yourself with love and respect, so let's stop beating ourselves up and start to actually nourish and respect our bodies and minds.

If you want me to coach you through this program (or try the original Fix!), I’d love to support you.

"I feel so confident and free from feeling trapped in what seemed for so long to be a hopeless pattern of ‘letting myself go’ when it came to my fitness and nutrition. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am that I found Anna on Instagram and signed up for my first Challenge. It has been such a game changer and has renewed my hope and excitement in life!” -Rebecca K.

If I can do this, you can too!

xo Anna