Anna Maria Locke

Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2014


Happy first day of spring! It's slowwwwwly starting to warm up a little here, or at least the snowy days are beginning to be outnumbered by the above-freezing days each week!

Last Sunday was a bitingly cold and blustery March day in the city, but Ben and I made the trek down to Navy Pier to get our indoor spring fix at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show! My uncle's company Doornbosch Bros. supplies the bulbs and sets up the stunning gardens that put the "Show" in the name of this extravaganza. It's basically a giant exhibition of Better Homes and Garden style displays, ideas, products, and anything you need to have a dream garden. It made me really excited to have a yard, someday... 

Since I know we are all desperate for a little spring, I'll share some of the photos I took of the gardens. Enjoy!

Obviously I gravitate towards the pink and purple flowers, haha.

There are water features, statues, indoor parks and playgrounds, British rose gardens, and profusions of blooms bursting out of creative displays made of file cabinets!

I loved the outdoor entertaining, back patios, and front porch displays. Again, I can't wait to have a house and yard someday!

The show runs through this weekend, and I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the city! The burst of color and the smell of damp earth is indescribably wonderful. Now the weather just needs to get the astronomical memo that it is SPRING!