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Salmon Mango Cashew Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

June 2015Anna LockeComment

Happy Thursday! And happy JUNE! Where did this month even come from? I don't know but life keeps chugging right along.

I've been busy with life lately. Not gonna lie, it's been intense. May was jam packed with friends, fun, business stuff, and personal growth, par for the course over here on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster!

Here's what's been going down behind the scenes...

+ I officially launched my weekly newsletter (you can sign up here for a weekly dose of love, inspiration, updates, and whatever random stuff comes out of my brain)!!

+ I'm still working through Marie Forleo's B-School, an epic online business and marketing program.

+ I've officially fallen in love with Australian life coaches (they are so dang gorgeous, inspiring, warm-hearted, and positive) and signed up for Rachel MacDonald's Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted e-course...we're in week 1 and it's already giving me so many exciting ideas for this space! Plus the online community is chock full of talented, supportive, uplifting creatives and coaches on the same journey as me. Just what I need right now! Expect to see lots of design changes and more activity over here as I play with the blog and figure out where I'm going with it :)

+ I finished reading several life-changing books that are helping me overcome my anxiety/perfectionism and see myself in a brand new light, including The Artist's Way, A New Earth, and Spirited*. I highly recommend all three of these books for those of you who have been resonating with my latest posts! Warning: They're intense! If you're just getting started with personal development, email me for my recommendations!

+ I'm finally working on some digital watercolor art prints to add to the Etsy shop!! You can follow along on my new shop Instagram account :)

+ Last weekend my friend Kathleen and I braved a freezing (40's) rainy outdoor Lana Del Ray concert. "Summertime Sadness" indeed....but it was really fun nonetheless!

+ Ben and I BOUGHT A GRILL!!! At Aldi. For $39.99. That aisle of random stuff gets us every time. It's Ben's last week of teaching and I am so excited! This is my first self-employed summer and it's going to be amazing.

Speaking of summer, I've been throwing together lots of yummy, fresh and healthy salads for lunch and dinner now that the weather is warming up. Here's one of my new favorites!

Salmon Mango Cashew Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

(inspired by Tone It Up)
Serves 2


+ 2 pieces of salmon
+ Your favorite seasonings
+ 1 cup fresh or thawed frozen mango
+ ½ cup dry quinoa, cooked according to package directions
+ mixed greens
+ goat cheese
+ cashews

Lime Vinaigrette

+ 2 T olive oil
+ juice of half a lime
+ 2 T rice wine vinegar


Season and broil the salmon for 5-7 minutes, or until done. Assemble ingredients, drizzle with vinaigrette, and enjoy!

xo Anna

*affiliate link for I said, I am obsessed with Rach right now!