Anna Maria Locke

Surfing the Fear

June 2015Anna LockeComment

Happy Monday!

Ben is on summer vacation, the humidity has set in, and we are officially launching into crazytown. It seems like we spend half the year dreaming of these warmer days, making bucket lists, and fantasizing about lazy summer afternoons and all the trips and adventures we want to take, but then when it actually arrives all of a sudden life books up!

We spent last weekend in the Chicago suburbs with Ben's extended family for a mini reunion to honor the memory of his grandma Mimi, who would have been 100 years old this year. It’s always refreshing to get out of the city and spend time with people who matter most. We visited adorable Geneva, IL since that was Mimi’s favorite place to shop and had fun exploring the little gift shops and historic downtown!

This week I’m putting together a free 5-day e-course experiment called Courageously Authentic for over 50 women. This has been something tugging on my heart, since I've spent so much time immersed in personal development and have overcome so much resistance, self-doubt, and perfectionism over the past several months, and I need to share!!! I feel something HUGE brewing deep inside of me that needs to get out.

I can sense that I'm going to end up creating e-books, programs, and courses that go beyond my current online fitness challenges, but in order to figure it out and make it happen I have to start somewhere so I'm starting with this little group :) If you want to join us, request access HERE!

On Thursday night we’re driving down to central Illinois for a big race that my dad helps organize (I’m presenting my coaching biz at the expo on Friday and then racing on Saturday!), and then on Monday night Ben and I fly to Holland for 10 days to visit family! As soon as we get back to the US we’re driving to Michigan to spend the 4th of July with his mom, aaaand then we head into July which has its own events, travel, and oh yeah our lease is up July 31st so we’re in the process of searching for a new apartment!


This past winter and spring were slow and introspective, and now I feel like life is taking off like a cannonball and all I can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

I can say that this week is going to be crazy busy and let myself build a big drama in my head, but in reality I’m always in control of my schedule and how I react to situations. I’m busy because I’m finally taking action on all the dreams, schemes, and plans I’ve been thinking about for months! There’s nothing truly scary or overwhelming about that, but it’s still hard not to get caught up in my head.

Recently I came across this awesome concept of “surfing your fear.”

Fear is always going to be present in our lives, especially when we’re pushing our comfort zones and limits.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of falling short of our own expectations, etc etc etc.

But when we can recognize the fear, take a deep breath, and separate ourselves from it, it changes into something motivating and positive.

To me, surfing the fear means riding the wave of possibility, opening myself up to my full capacity, moving forward step by step no matter how scared I am, and breathing deeply into the question "what if?"

What if I'm actually strong enough to turn my visions into reality instead of keeping them trapped in the pages of my journal?

This week I want to celebrate the craziness, revel in the uncertainty and discomfort of expanding past my limits, and feel proud of myself for taking action on my dreams! I know that I have all the strength, courage, and capabilities I need to handle everything that comes my way.

You do too!

xo Anna