Anna Maria Locke

what we've been eating

First of all...holy thunderstorm flash flood deluge! Northeastern Illinois just got hit with an enormous two day storm system. The Chicago suburbs apparently got hit the worst, and if you live out there, I hope your basement and car are safe and dry! The city was pretty flooded too. On the way to work this morning I drove through some ponds so deep that my power steering wonked out for a scary minute. We've definitely made up for last year's drought by now!

I thought I'd share the recipes Ben and I have tried (and liked) this week. After years of striving, I've finally mastered the weekly meal plan so that all our meals are scheduled in advance and we can usually get all the groceries we need in one trip. This routine saves a lot of time and hassle, especially now that I'm working full time and can't run to the store on a random weekday morning anymore! 

On Saturday or Sunday (aka whichever day we run out of food), I'll go through my latest cooking magazines (Cooking Light and Rachael Ray are my favorites), blogs, my extensive cookbook collection, and Pinterest to find some yummy looking recipes to try. I rarely make the same thing more than once!

Here's what we ate this week:

 ...that we paired with Greek Salad

(delicious but your entire house will smell like sauerkraut, be warned)

(the batter was quite dry, I'd recommend adding some more milk or applesauce)

Have you tried any good recipes lately?