Anna Maria Locke

april showers and new beginnings

(I WISH the magnolias were blooming already...but they're not. This picture is old but isn't it pretty?)

First of all, I just heard about the Boston Marathon bombing and am shocked. Tens of thousands of people worked so hard to make today one of the best days of their lives, a crowning achievement, and instead an incomprehensibly sick person/group turned it into their worst nightmare. My dad is heavily involved in the running community, so I grew up spectating at races and now casually participate in them as well...what an unbelievable attack on such a positive, happy, driven, and integrity-filled community of people. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.

On an opposite note, how is it already mid-April? I knew that this spring was going to pass before my eyes and it sure is, even though it is slowwwwwly starting to feel more spring-like outside. AKA 60* rainy days instead of 40* rainy days. This weekend Ben and I laid low, cleaned the apartment, and watched 180 Degrees South (which was bad-ass but reinforced my certainty that I will NEVER be a rock climber) and Life of Pi. We had listened to the Life of Pi audiobook on one of our cross country road trips, and I think that the movie did an excellent job in bringing the story to life. The special effects and ocean scenes were spectacular, although the graphic visuals made the movie more sad for me than the book, and was probably not the best thing to watch the night before I started a new job at a zoo.

Yup, you read it. I am SUPER excited to say that I've landed a full time job in the Education Department at Lincoln Park Zoo!!!!!!! Today was my first day! (All the papers I just signed require me to state that the opinions and views I express on this blog are mine alone, not necessarily held by my employer). 

You know your job is going to be fun when the first day orientation includes a comprehensive zoo tour and collecting behavioral data on gibbons. And no, I doubt that I will ever get to handle the animals (sorry), but that's actually ok with me, although I would love to hug a fluffy lion (maybe someday in heaven??). I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have found this opportunity, since I haven't had full time work in SIXTEEN MONTHS. Finding and landing a conservation science job in the city is a dream come true.

This week also marks "birthday season." Three of my best friends and I were all born a little over a week apart. It's my golden birthday this year, so I'm going to have to quickly come up with some way to celebrate!

I hope the sun is shining where you are this week!
(if you live in the Midwest, I sympathize)