Anna Maria Locke

the worst week of 2013?

I think this Onion article pretty much sums it up.
Between everything ongoing in Boston, the Texas explosion, the general ridiculousness of Congress, the blizzards in the upper midwest, and much of northeastern Illinois underwater, this has hands down been the worst week of the year so far. I feel so fortunate that I haven't been directly impacted by any of the chaos.
Aaaand it just started to sleet outside.

Here's a sinkhole that swallowed 3 cars in Chicago and gave me a sinkhole nightmare

I love how the firefighters are just standing around laughing because there's no other reaction they can have.

Anyway, I'm going to turn things around by enjoying a super fun weekend with one of my best friends, who is visiting to celebrate our birthday week!

I hope you have a brighter weekend too (and if the sun is actually shining where you live, I am jealous!)