Anna Maria Locke

wouldn't you think i'm the girl

Happy November!
and Election Day--did you vote?? 

Fall is officially dying. The trees are pretty much bare and there is frost on the ground in the morning.
I feel almost desperately sad, like I didn't spend enough time outside while the trees were in full blast and the weather was gorgeous, and now it's too late. 
But I am also super excited for the holidays, and going home for vacation! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Years! My favorites!
At the same time, I'm kind of freaking out because since when is it time for the holidays??!! Gah!
 Maybe all these conflicting emotions are the reason why I have been struggling to get out of bed in the mornings this week...

Or maybe it is post-festivity letdown from a great Halloween weekend. 
Some years I am all gung-ho for Halloween, and some years I let it slip by.
This year might have been low key, but when I decided to be "Ariel with legs" (washed up on the beach version--yes I always work the red hair thing), Ben decided to be "Ariel without legs."  And I couldn't let the opportunity pass:

All I can say is that there is a true Disney Princess inside every little girl AND boy.
(And with long hair, my boyfriend may be prettier than me.)