Anna Maria Locke

gettin crafty

For the past several years, I've put myself on a ridiculous craft moratorium with the lame excuse of "I'm too busy with school to have extra hobbies" (besides the ones essential to life: cooking, baking, running).
Well, I have decided that is a bullshit idea and have set my creative instincts free, because (unfortunately) life is not going to be less crazy once I'm done with school. 

So-- I am obsessed with scarves, and decided to start making my own since I am, after all, still a poor grad student and would rather not shell out $15 a pop to expand my accessory collection.  
It turns out that one yard of fabric from the fabric store is WAY more than an actual square yard, and provides you with plenty of material to chop and hem into a scarf.
It also turns out that JoAnn Fabrics has fabulous sales on material ALL THE TIME and basically rocks. This magical place also sucks away my money into spur of the inspirational moment impulse buys- yikes!

I picked out a few silky prints that were around $5/yard.

This one is my favorite. I kind of want to go back and buy the whole bolt, and make a dress out of it. Or...futon cover??

Let's not get overambitious too soon, Anna.
I dragged my fun little sewing machine out of its hiding place where it has been hanging out ever since I moved into this apartment and started playing.  
The first attempt:

I accidentally cut it a little too small (oops!) but I was so impressed with what I could do with the different kinds of stitches on my sewing machine that I don't really care. 
[Please note that I feel SUPER AWKWARD and dorky taking pictures of myself to post on my blog. I don't know how everybody does it!!!]

 Attempt numero dos. For this one I didn't even try to cut the fabric, I just hemmed two of the long edges and left the finished edges as is.

Yes, you have to wear cupcake boxers to complete the look.

Aaaand I am really pushing myself to finish the last scarf, since I have a horrible habit of letting little projects drag on. and on. (What's this under my bed, an unfinished cross stitch from 2000?? A box of scrapbook guts from my trip to Germany sophomore year of high school?)

Well, my inner Project Runway self is officially unleashed. I am kind of scared to see where it goes from here (!) but also feel like I have returned a part of me to myself-- I definitely need to have creative outlet to feel complete. 

p.s. completely unrelated but...since when is Hilary Duff married ?!?!?!???!!