Anna Maria Locke

happy birthday ben!

 Today is Ben's birthday. Yay!

He decided he wanted a giant cookie instead of a cake, so I used this recipe to create the COOKIE MONSTER

 It's hard to tell the size of this thing, but it is sitting on a striped placemat. So, the entire recipe makes a giant cookie about the size of a large dinner plate. 
(Don't tell me I'm the only one who has ever wanted to make one giant cookie out of an entire batch of dough.)
 Let me tell you that cake decorating is HARDER than it looks!!!
 The birthday boy requested ham for his special dinner (sick of all the veg meals I have been feeding him) so I baked a ham for the first time ever. Seriously, I have never cooked meat other than fish or chicken.
And oh my goodness it was so easy! I felt like Betty Crocker and it was awesome. I modified this recipe for sugarcane baked ham with spiced apples (downsizing to a small ham, omitting the sugarcane sticks) and the glaze was faaabulous. Kind of like a sweet caramelized ginger snap. If you ever have to bake a ham, this is the recipe to use, seriously.
I mean, look how excited it makes people:
i loooove you :)