Anna Maria Locke



 My favorite parts of the forest are the stands of glowy yellow trees
 Least fave part: the hills of loose rock. Unavoidable on PA trails.
 [campus...can you tell where I go?]

The trees are definitely peaking here. Last Sunday I was going to go to the gym, but then came to my senses and went for a hike/trail jog in the gorgeous weather instead. 
I don't know if fall or spring is my favorite season, honestly. I guess my favorite is the one that I am currently in (unless it is winter or summer). 
Are the trees changing where you live?
I used to hate cold weather, but I love it more and more every year. I don't know if I could ever be happy living in a place that doesn't have all four seasons, at least for a short time.

Also, just downloaded the new Arcade Fire, and part of Far East Movement
Completely honest, I just couldn't live another moment without being able to hear Like a G6 on demand.