Anna Maria Locke

snow weekend


I woke up on Saturday to find myself living in a cozy snowcave!

[view out my lowerlevel window]

We got lucky here in town and only received 14" of snow...although since we were on the edge of the blizzard it varied a lot in the area, some neighboring towns got a lot more.

It's been gorgeously sunny every day since though, so the roads are already clear and dry.  Ready and waiting for the next dumping that comes tomorrow! Ridiculous.

[snow campus]

I really like winter sunsets, the colors are so delicate and thin but the snow makes the world glow

p.s. Ben is having fun in Baltimore; it is basically a
(fun) natural disaster zone because they have no real snow removal infrastructure in the city and got twice as much snow as we did up here! It's a good time to be a teacher...snowdays indefinitely???

[Ben's car-yeah...obviously we didn't see each other this weekend!]