Anna Maria Locke

more snow, busy week

[the sky is not blue today, it is white, but this picture is pretty]

The reason I never post during the week anymore:
My weeks are so terribly front loaded and I always race around in a panic Mondays through Wednesdays trying not to get overwhelmed with everything I need to get done.
I usually end up spending lots of unproductive time because I don't know what I should attack first and then I feel even worse about life.
Right now I'm trying to put together the rough beginnings of my thesis proposal and it is SUPER intimidating for some reason! Definitely unneccessary. I'm trying to convince myself that it should be fun because it is something I am interested in, and that I am totally capable of this!! But I still psych myself out.

This morning I am still really stressed out and all I want to do is bake and cook delicious recipes on my mental back-burner like Eggplant Mousakka and Morrocan flatbreads.
I just need to BREATHE and hang in there until tomorrow!