Anna Maria Locke

hydrangeas in the snow


When I arrived home today there was a little red box waiting outside my door in the snow...
and it had my camera cord in it!  And other fun things made of fuzzy yarn and lacy paper and sparkles. Thanks Mama and Grammy :)
So being newly reunited with my cord, I extracted the pictures that were waiting for me in my camera and found these snowy hydrangeas from my front step in Illinois .

[Did I mention the snow? We are getting hit by the epic Northeast Blizzard of 2010 as I type.]

Have a lovely weekend, whether you are snowbound or not.
My plans include some baking, attacking my backed-up laundry situation, a baby shower, superbowl party, and of course many hours of reading and writing for school.
Hopefully I can put a dent in my expectations; I usually plan too many things to do on weekends and end up disappointing myself when I can't accomplish them all! Alas.

Well I'm off to make another humongous mug of tea.
Today I realized I am a tea junkie. 
My mountain of boxes is getting outta control.