Anna Maria Locke

sleepytime ritual


Not every night, but most nights, I go to bed with a chocolatey creamy giant mug of molten chocolate goodness.
My homemade cocoa. YOU can do it too!
I have perfected the recipe, but it is highly adaptable, depending on your chocolatey needs.
It is not very sweet, but it is intense, and if you love the richness of pure dark chocolate,
you will kiss your Swiss Miss goodbye. 

The Perfect Decadent Cocoa Recipe

-Take your biggest mug, fill it with almond milk (or whatever milk is in your fridge--but if you like almonds I highly recommend trying almond milk. it is amazing.), and microwave until it is warm. 

-Add ~2T Hershey's cocoa powder (the kind you bake with), stir to dissolve big clumps, and keep microwaving until the cocoa is hot.  Stir again to make sure all cocoa clumps are gone, smashing them against the mug with your spoon if needed (go for the kill!) Add more cocoa if you are a chocoholic.  Add vanilla if you are a vanillaholic. Oh, that's just me.

-If you're not yet weaned off your super artificially sweetened commercial cocoa packets, add sugar/honey/agave/etc. to taste.

-Finish with as much ReddiWhip your mug will contain, and a bit of peppermint schnapps if you are done with quitting your grad school reading for the night.