Anna Maria Locke

sunshine and olympics


I realize that I have been talking about snow a lot lately...but this weekend I got some much needed SUNSHINE!

After another crazy busy week I went down to Baltimore to be with my calming influence {Ben!} because I seriously can't relax when I am by myself on the weekends. I am always stressing out, thinking about all the things I should/could be doing. 
We just lounged around, ate, and did work [all of the things that we do best] but it was still amazing.
AND I feel caught up for this week.
Some fun things were also accomplished, such as

-cooking apricot chicken and asparagus
-baking oatmeal applesauce blackberry muffins
-brownies and ice cream!
-Olympics watching [saw the Dutchman take gold in speedskating, juggernaut bobsledders, and freaky Russian ice dancers]
-a beautiful run in the SUN through the park and past the harbor with giant yachts

The countryside may be melting, but it is still cold and grey here in the mountains :( Alas!

Well I am off to be productive!!
Have an amazing week!