Anna Maria Locke

the Situation


So this is what the laundry-corner of my apartment looks like on a typical day...
Well, a productive typical day [note stacks of half-folded laundry!]
Seriously, one of the biggest dangers of living by myself and being lucky enough to have a washer and dryer is that there is NO ONE ELSE that ever needs it, i.e. NO ONE ELSE who can force me to fold my laundry or kick my clothes out of the machine.
And yes, the drying racks do seriously obstruct my way to the pantry.
And yes, that is my toaster oven you may spy sitting on the floor. That is its toaster oven spot. I've got counter space, but not THAT much counter space people!!

Soooo the clothing basically sits in the dryer until I run out of a "limiting factor" (usually sports bras these days, although it was definitely underwear back in college. Once freshman year I started to go through bikini bottoms and *maybe* even went commando in the face of a laundry shortage. Oh the days!) and am forced to empty it to make room for a new load. Like, every 2-3 weeks or so.
If I know there are clean clothes chillin in the dryer that I need, I will even start digging them out to wear.
It's extension of my closet!
Aaaa is this wrong?