Anna Maria Locke

hazy shade of winter


I took these pictures the last time I saw the sun.  Which was...sometime last week? It is bad that I can't even remember.
Yup. Winter has returned!
Luckily we managed to avoid the main blast of this latest storm, but we did get more snow and crazy Siberia-esque winds. Or at least what I imagine Siberia is like; dark, freezing, with dry powder flying everywhere in the air.
Someday I will stop talking about the snow. I promise. In a few months.

This week was a bit more "low-key" for me since one of my seminars was cancelled for the week (I say low-key in a relative sense...) but I still have a lot of work to do this weekend! 

{I will share my thesis project eventually. I've just been too lazy to explain it to everyone !
It involves Lake Tahoe, forest reconstruction (simulating forest in the 1800s) and fire behavior.}

Even though weekends with Ben keep me sane and in love with life, I look forward to low-key weekends alone in my apartment with two whole days stretching in front of me in which to bake, relax, shop, and think about organizing and cleaning.

Tomorrow is a prospective student Open House in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences ("my" college, even though geography is hugely social science too) so I have to show and tell in the lab. 
It is ALSO "State Patty's Day," the ubiquitous unofficial Saint Patrick lets-get-drunk-in-the-streets celebration that every school seems to have. The police and school have been trying to quash this year. You know, so there are no more alcohol related deaths, destruction of public property, and hundreds of extra police calls.  The ensuing drama has made the school newspaper every single day this week. 
Oh, college. 
There ALWAYS seems to be a Visit Day on the biggest party events of the year.

Not going to lie, I did participate {in the much tamer version} back in the day...
and I kind of miss the days...or maybe just the friends :)