Anna Maria Locke

Honest Scrap

I have been tagged with another one of these "awards" that circulate around the blogosphere!

Thanks, Ivy :)

The rules of the Honest Scrap Award are:  divulge 10 honest things about yourself. Then pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you believe will be 100% truthful!

Well, I like talking about myself so here goes

1. The best thing only good thing about being in a long distance relationship is having the opportunity to slack off in the leg-shaving and hair-washing departments (hey, it saves H2O and products!!)
(Ivy--I ONLY shower after working out too! Otherwise I don't feel dirty and it seems like a major waste of effort. 
Everyone else--don't worry, I work out almost every day)

2. I am a BOTTOMLESS PIT when it comes to baked goods. Dangerously so. The synapse or whatever that sends the signal of "I'm full" from your tummy to brain ceases to function when I am eating cookies, scones, cake, etc etc. When it comes to pancakes I can out-eat my ragingmetabolismed boyfriend. Which disturbs him. Because of this dieting trigger/addiction, I seldom bake cookies because I will stand over the stove and not be able to stop eating the dough. nomnomnom cooooooookies

3. I am so easygoing that I can't think of any specific person I actually dislike, but when someone proclaims that they do not believe in global warming (usually via college newspaper op-eds) I want to STRANGLE THEM. It pisses me off so much.  Dude, don't be stupid.

4. I express all strong emotions by crying (frustration, anger, trying to explain a cause that I am passionate about, shock of sudden happiness, love)

5. I also spontaneously start crying when a loud bang goes off by my head, and am terrified of popping balloons and champagne corks. (it's a lonnnng story.) 

6. I would call myself an environmentalist, but I feel like I can't because I am totally sucked in by the media and consumeristic culture, and I rely on globalization to bring me my delicious bananas that are probably destroying some native subsistence village and its soil.

7.  Like baked goods, I have NO CONTROL over myself whenever I step into Bath and Body Works (see #6...)  IT ALL SMELLS SO GOOD AND IS PRETTY

8.  I love my family best from a distance, and have come to appreciate and love them so much more since striking out on my own.

9. When my sister and I are together for too long we get really weird, (like, weirder than you can even imagine), and usually end up making up silly songs in baby voices. 

10. ummm I can't think of anything else.  Ask me something!!


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