Anna Maria Locke

Sheepy love

Last Wednesday I decided it would be a good time to check out the local mall.
Let's just say it's a liiiiitle sad, and my mall expectations are not even high to begin with, seeing how I was not priveleged to grow up in a Chitown suburb like the friends and have access to retail on steroids ;)
But what do you expect in rural PA; I did not move here for the urban culture!
Luckily, their Bath and Body Works made up for the saddness of the rest of the vacant space


These are the softest, snuggliest little stuffed animals, EVER.
Seeing a whole display of them made my entire day!
I'm trying to decide if I want another one (would my well-worn Sheepy be jealous??)
But just knowing that they exist in the world is good enough!