Anna Maria Locke


Today was a RIOT of productivity!
Aaand now it's getting late eek so I am going to blow through this post AFAP (as fast as poss.)
SO I can continue my new wake up routine!
I have discovered that for me, 6:30 is the perfect time to wake up.
(I know it's not excruciatingly early compared to some people but I haven't really woken up that early since summer for work so there.)
After the first five minutes of disbelief and confused tiredness I am so motivated to start my day, since I don't want to waste the time that I woke up extra early for.
This morning I went to my all-time favorite coffee shop Webster's to do some spreadsheeting

to get out of the windowless lab
to hear the buzz of people and smell delicious coffee
and sit in front of the picture window and watch everyone walk by on the street
(WHY are leggings as pants the new fad for college girls? Last year they at least wore clothes OVER the leggings)
and drink my delicious double latte out of the rustic-ish earthenware crockmug
Webster's makes the best lattes in State College, and yes I HAVE tried every single coffee place, thank you very much.
PLUS did I mention it is also a used bookstore???!?
plus 80 kinds of tea
Yeah it made a great office for mind-numbing work, and I was able to feel productive while still giving my brain a chance to relax and think!


Here is some food for thought from articles I read today (on cultural geography)--

"we call India the land of the sacred cow because some Hindu customs seem strange- this animal is allowed to wander where it wishes, despite being edible it is not eaten, and it defecates wherever it goes. Of the same criteria we could marvel at the USA as the land of the sacred dog"
-Marshall Sahlins, in Crang 2008

Also, a group of British Muslim businessmen started a new soda brand, Mecca Cola, to directly compete and take revenue from Coke because it epitomizes the "excess of corporate America" and thus all things neo-conservative of course.  Sales are significant in the Middle East and also in France, where there is a strong anti-American sentiment.
-Clennell 2003, in Sharp 2008

Are you a fan of Indiana Jones?
Can we say neo-imperialism??
"the films illustrate the triumph of the western individual hero...also of western knowledge and leadership," as "Indy rescues artefacts from the colonised world for the benefit of science...and to recognise the value of artefacts that the indigenous people otherwise do not value" (as well as saving the blonde female and the village).  Hmmm and the colonial-istic paternalism seen as the "good" natives are children under Indy's reluctant guidance, while the rest of the Orient are "bad guys"
-Sharp 2008
[I know you might want to debate this Ben ;)]

Don't you love it when your mind is opened?