Anna Maria Locke

Color Explosion

I feel like this blog has a pretty strong Autumn theme going on...
I just can't help it!
I have fallen in love with this season, for some reason.
I usually cling on to summer and think of fall as the harbinger of doom (aka the dreaded winter)
But this year is different.

I have completely wiped our little winter weekend from my memory.
Today was positively BALMY!
We're talking, high 50's/low 60's, pure sunshine.
I had a hard time getting out of the house this morning, not wanting to face the day of WORK and PAPER WRITING, and I stretched my walk across campus as looooong as possible.

Taking in all of THIS

and some roses survived the snow!


During lunch, my labfriend Nancy and I escaped our windowless cave to walk through downtown so she could hit up Jimmy John's and I could stop by the (small but still awesome) Tuesday Farmer's Market.
To get my latest addiction: sweet bell peppers!
Organic red bell at grocery store=$4 (!!!!!)
Organic red bell @ farmer's market = $0.75


Now I have to try to focus to slap together a paper for Forest Geography due tomorrow
A write-up of one of our mini-research project field trips
It should be no big deal, since it is an undergrad class, this is our first paper, he basically TOLD us exactly what to write, I have written scientific articles gazillions of times before, and not to mention I will be expected to write a freakin thesis in a few months
but...I still get writer's anxiety.
Not writer's block, but an inability to mentally FACE THE WRITING PROCESS!!!
and an easily distracted mind.