Anna Maria Locke

The. Best. Invention. EVER!

I am kind of obsessed with random but fun kitchen gadgets
(mini crockpot anyone?? 2 kinds of omelette makers? do I really have to wait years until my bridal registry to get a food processor???)
and when I heard about this thing called the SPIRALIZER I for some reason couldn't resist ordering one off Amazon ASAP! It is this thing that you can use to basically cut vegetables into noodle shapes or very thin chips.
People who eat a raw diet (only raw produce, nuts, etc. with the idea that cooking food destroys its nutrient value) use it to make "pasta" and veggie noodle salads.
I use it...because it's AWESOME and I LOVE VEGETABLES!
I busted it out for the first time last night and introduced it to some zucchinis.
It looks like a veggie guillotine or torture device of some sort.
(which is basically what it is...)

Why yes, little zucchini, you are traveling down the Spiral Path.
...of DEATH!

You just stick your vegetable or fruit on the spikes between the twirly handle and the blade and spin the handle! The blades are sharp (safety hazard!) so they cut very easily.

And watch the NOODLES appear!

It's like those old play-doh machines, only for FOOD!

And there you have it, a bowl full of zucchini noodles. 
I only used one zucchini because it produced a ton.
Curly like my hair!
You can then use your noodles to make something delicious,
like zucchini pasta in a bowl

This was so delicious.
If you want to re-create, I mixed together in my biggest pot
-sliced garlic chicken sausage
-chopped garlic
-1/2 can fire roasted diced tomatoes
-frozen broccoli and carrots
-sploosh of pasta sauce
-can of pinto beans
-various spices including but not limited to:
red pepper flakes
garlic salt

The noodles taste like very al dente spaghetti.
And you can feel very virtuous for eating vegetables instead of refined carbs!!

There are 3 different blade attachments for the spiralizer; I used the thin noodle one. There's a thick noodle one (curly fries?) and a slicer one (dried apple chips?)

If you have been sold by my little blogomercial and raving, let me know and I'll tell you how to buy your Very Own Spiralizer.