Anna Maria Locke

Return of Fall

Fall is back YAY!
Just like that, all the snow melted in one day.
Thank goodness.

Ben came up to visit me again :)
I wanted to go on a huge hiking trip to take in all the gorgeous fall colors in the mountains
BUUUT then the winter storm extravaganza crushed my visions.
(They even had to ban tailgating for the homecoming football game...lame!)

It was kind of fun to pretend Christmas was coming
(ONLY because I knew it would warm up again this week)
I baked amazing cookies
We hung out with new friends
Did a lot of cozy nothing
Ate pumpkin pancakes
and made

 [aka ghetto-fab homemade graham cracker crust with sliced bananas and REAL whipped cream squirted on top, silly-string-style]

I don't know if I'm ready to face another week! Back to "reality"...sigh.