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Valentine's gift guide from the AML Etsy Shop!

February 2016Anna LockeComment

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and despite the saccharine cheesiness (I still don't think that pink and red are two colors that should go together), it's one of my favorite holidays because it celebrates one of my favorite warm fuzzy feels: LOVE!

I think of V-Day as not just a romantic holiday, but a chance to share love with your friends, family, and everyone who's important in your life.

It's really easy for us to get caught up in the hustle and stress of the day to day grind, get trapped inside our own heads, and forget to acknowledge all the people who support us.

So this upcoming week, I'm going to challenge myself to open up and share as much love and gratitude as possible!

It's definitely not necessary to buy into the consumerism of this holiday, but if you're inclined to gift your friends, family (or yourself!) something special to brighten their day (let's face it, without Valentine's Day this would most definitely be the gloomiest and most depressing month of the year), I encourage you to support small or local businesses. It's like giving back twice!

And to make it even easier for you, I've got you covered with lots of gorgeous, one of a kind scarves and gift ideas for EVERY personality type, made with tons of love by yours truly.

Just click to shop without having to go out in the cold and dark ;)

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

(order by 2/8 to ensure delivery by 2/14!)

for the CLASSIC girl

1. Sparkly red knit chunky cowl with rhinestone brooch
2. Printable floral watercolor wreath (idea: print it out and write a personalized message or quote in the center!)
3. Printable floral watercolor pattern (print and frame as art, or use to make Valentine's Cards!)
4. Bright magenta lightweight shimmer scarf

for the office chic GIRLBOSS

1. Dusty purple wool and flannel chunky cowl
2. Black and white bird print scarf
3. Ivory herringbone chunky cowl with lace
4. Neutral flannel and black lace cowl


Happy shopping, and happy Valentine's Week!

xo Anna

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