Anna Maria Locke

2013 week one

Chicago lights

I can't believe we're already part way through the second week of the year! I spent the first week trying to recover from the nasty cold/flu bug everyone is getting (luckily Ben escaped it, probably due to his just-in-time flu shot...) while also teaching a winter science camp for grade schoolers at the Arboretum, babysitting, and running around downtown with my family who were visiting the city on a mini-vacay.

And I straightened my hair just for fun to go to a friend's goodbye party at a super swanky high rise apartment with two private elevators. 
It's always interesting to see how long the hair is getting, since curls bounce it up about 2-4 inches. And it's also interesting to see how the "other half" lives...

And I have been working hard on my newest endeavor. I caught the knitting bug last November and I've decided to open an Etsy shop to sustain my hobby. I'll be selling cozy chunky scarves (some including sparkles of course) and also watercolor stationery since I had so much success with my DIY wedding invitations.
I'm hoping to open the shop by the end of this week ahhhh!! It takes so much work to open! I'm super excited.

I hope your year is off to a productive and happy start! 

(And I hope you've managed to avoid this plague flu thing, ugh.)