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Transformation Tuesday: Meet Grace!

July 2015Anna LockeComment

I'm super excited to get back in the habit of sharing the stories of the incredible women in my online fitness challenge groups and on my coaching team! You can read all my previous success story features HERE.

Today I want to share my friend Grace's story. Grace signed up as a coach a few months ago after participating in one of my 21 Day Fix Challenges, and her transformation so far has been extra inspiring to me because she's just as committed to inner and personal growth as she is to her physical transformation and weight loss. She's only getting started and I can't wait to see where she is in another year :)

Grace, I am SO proud to watch you grow out of your comfort zone a little more each day. This is just the beginning!

Sidenote: If you've ever thought about coaching but are holding back because you haven't reached your personal health and fitness "goals" yet, I hope Grace can show you that your story is most inspiring when you're in the middle of the journey.

xo Anna

Meet Grace!

When Anna asked me to share my transformation story I thought “me? transformed?”

It’s often hard to see changes yourself, that’s the trickiest part of making healthy lifestyle changes. You put in a TON of work and look in the mirror and feel discouraged. After all, you look at yourself every day. It’s hard to see the big picture. 

In February 2014 I was exhausted. I was ignoring my Master’s program thesis like it was going to finish itself, I started a new job and I was two years into a relationship where we’d both forgotten to take care of ourselves first. 

I should first say that my new job was for a health and wellness company. Everyone, for the most part, was healthy, and not in a no-carb, skipping meals kind of way. My co-worker introduced me to the world of fitness Instagrams and Tone It Up. At first I thought she was cuckoo. She talked about Karena and Katrina (and Taylor Swift) like they were her bff’s. But then, with a little fear of missing out, I created an account myself. 

Soon, I was talking to my boyfriend about my friends Karena and Katrina and he asked when he was going to meet them : ) Having a fitness Instagram was so much more than Tone It Up, it was the accountability and the camaraderie of thousands of other women going through similar journeys. Instagram also gave me the platform to record my daily actions and modify what worked and what didn’t.

But, this is far from a love letter to Instagram. During my transformation I’ve used all different tools: MyFitnessPal, a heart rate monitor, a Fitbit and a good old notebook and pen. Keeping track of your efforts is almost like conducting your own science experiment, on YOU. 

It’s great to look to others for inspiration and motivation, but ultimately I had to look at myself and figure out what worked for me. For me, it’s daily exercise or movement. If I can’t bring myself to do anything serious, I just walk my dogs! It’s also planning meals and eliminating temptations for when stress comes knocking. It’s taking care of myself and setting an example to others. When I’m in a healthy and happy place, it makes me a better friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, a better me. 

Now that I’ve figured out my formula, I realized becoming a coach and helping others was the last piece. When I started the 21 Day Fix as a challenger, I noticed people around me making changes too. I stopped drinking Diet Coke, so did my boyfriend. I brought almonds to work in my blue container and my coworker followed suit. Not only was I sharing healthy behaviors, but I was accountable in keeping my own. And, knowing that I’ve barely tapped the potential of this coaching opportunity is the most exciting part.This time next year, I hope to be writing another transformation story.

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