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Friday Faves

February 2015Anna LockeComment

Friday (which I've started calling FriYAY on Instagram) has always been my favorite day. It's the perfect combination of work hard/play hard. We've made it to the end of another week, and can focus and be productive knowing that the finish line and WEEKEND is in sight! Plus, I love happy hour, duh!

I thought I'd start a new little weekly series on the blog to celebrate all the little things that are making me happy right now in the present moment. I'm trying to get in the habit of posting more frequently, which means I need to start making blogging FUN again instead of overwhelming myself with big heavy posts ;)

Friday Faves
things that are making me happy right now!

+ the fake bamboo tree I got last week at IKEA. Yay house plants that won't die!

+ Jess Lively's Life With Intention Online course, which is helping me finally overcome my chronic anxiety and "never enough"-ism that I've struggled with for so long. 

+ looking forward to a long weekend! Ben has Monday off, and we have fun Valentine's plans :)

+ these chewy fudgey brownie bites I concocted. Recipe coming soon...

+ finally giving myself permission to respect work/life boundaries. Self respect, what a concept!

+ finally growing the balls to start designing a blog and website that lives up to my "vision" for my brand and business! I know I have a long way to go, but I'm on my way.

+ trying out a free week at Core Power Yoga. I bought an unlimited month of classes off Groupon, because even though I have to force myself to do yoga I know it's so good for me!

+ planning for my Mini Wellness Bootcamp next week! Get the deets here

It's obviously been a good month for taking ACTION and getting over my own mental limits.

Treat yo'self to some self love this weekend. You deserve it. Here are a few tips and ideas!

xo Anna

what's making YOU happy?