Anna Maria Locke

weekly meal plan || January 25


Here's what we have on the menu this week! I'm going into week SEVEN (out of eight!) of my Insanity Max 30program so I'm trying to cut out the extra wine and snacks to maximize my results :)

You can read more about my meal planning strategies here! Ben and I have started a Sunday routine of going grocery shopping right after church since we're already out and about. I love stocking up on all our food in one trip, it makes the rest of the week run a lot more smoothly.

Eggs + Toast + Fruit
Oatmeal + Fruit
Protein Pancakes

Dinner leftovers
Salad with chicken or tuna

Almond butter chicken satay + brown rice and cucumber salad 
Grilled shrimp and grapefruit salad + noodles for Ben
Chipotle turkey chili with lentils
Roasted veggies and pork medallions

Apple + nut butter
Veggies and hummus
Hard boiled eggs

What's on your menu this week?