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3 amazing podcasts that will inspire you to take on your goals

January 2015AnnaComment

I'm way late to the podcast party and just discovered the amazingness of these free audio life changing tools last fall. I know a lot of people who listen to podcasts for entertainment and yes I know that Serial is addicting and so good, but I prefer to listen to them to either learn something useful, or to stay motivated and boost my confidence while I'm doing a mindless task like walking, driving, cutting/ironing fabric, or sewing.

When I discover something new and exciting I immediately go into obsessive accumulation mode and I've "discovered" and burned through soooo many podcast subscriptions.

In the spirit of making 2015 THE BEST YEAR EVER, here are my top three favorite podcasts that will inspire you to lead a more fulfilling and positive life.

Listen, be inspired, and go forth to set some goals and take action towards your dreams!

1.The Lively Show

I don't remember when or how I first discovered Jess Lively, but I immediately clicked with her blog and personality. A former creative small business owner and Chicagoan, she now lives in Austin, TX and has made it her mission to uplift and inspire other women to live intentional, values-based lives. Her podcast is hands down my number one favorite and I never miss an episode! She interviews other successful female business owners and creatives and their conversations are always so deep and inspiring. I almost always feel a click or "omg YES" moment while listening to them talk about their struggles, successes, and the resistance they've faced along the way. I love that Jess ends each interview by asking "what advice would you give someone who's just starting out on this journey?" because oh heyyy that's me! I've also picked up a gazillion little nuggets of useful business advice and learned about resources like Creative Live and Nicole's Classes through her guests!

Great for 
Creatives, new mothers, anyone who is considering starting a small business/Etsy shop/blog, women who want to live more intentionally in regards to their personal habits, relationships, home, career.

Listen to
Redefining Pretty with Elizabeth Piper

+Increasing Our Joy with Rachel MacDonald

+Three Tips for When You Feel Overwhelmed

2.The Chalene Show

Oh Chalene Johnson. Joyful influencer. I discovered Chalene when I became involved with Beachbody last year. I worked through her goal setting book PUSH and instantly became obsessed with her energetic, tough love, positive attitude. She's a self made businesswoman, celebrity fitness trainer, social media marketing expert, life/business coach and an all around genuinely awesome lady, wife, and mother. I've had the honor of hearing her speak at The Platinum Edge conference last fall and also attended two live workouts with her that literally changed my life. She is very clear that no matter how busy or successful she might be, she always puts her husband and children first, and she's taught me how to align my life and goals based on my own true priorities (family, faith, friends). And also how to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! I'm obsessed with her workout PiYo and one of my 2015 goals is to become a certified instructor, eek! Chalene's podcast is focused on motivation, leadership, and life coaching and will help you boost your self confidence and look at your life with a bigger sense of possibility.

Great for
Introverts! Small business owners, and anyone really, if you click with her strong personality. You must be willing and ready to turbo-charge your life ;)

Notes: The Chalene Show is best listened to while power-walking outside or at the gym.

Listen to

+Motivation and Energy On Demand

+Introvert or Extrovert? How to Overcome Shyness

+Too Scared to Try? How to Break Free From Perfectionism

3.Raise Your Hand Say Yes

I discovered Tiffany Han fairly recently, and immediately connected with her podcast and mission: to pull back the curtain on what it means to be highly creative and share your talents with others. Her focus is on interviewing creative female entrepreneurs about what it means to live an authentic and courageous life. The background behind the title is that when life hands you an opportunity, you should immediately raise your hand, say yes, and then figure it out later! It's encouraging to hear from established and successful creative professionals that it's ok to feel insecure, it's ok to dive in and learn from failure, and that you can't live your dream until you embrace the abyss and just go for it!

Great for
Creative entrepreneurs, women who feel like they "should" do something scary, anyone who wants to take a leap of faith/add value/start a blog/share their art but needs an extra boost of encouragement.

Listen to
+Erin Loechner on Saying Yes

+Lisa Congdon on Creative Evolution

+aaaand basically all of them

I hope that you connect with one of these podcasts too! Life is really short, and I encourage you to find pockets of "wasted time" while you drive, commute, or do mindless busy-work and fill your mind with uplifting stories.

No matter what you're dreaming about, I'm on your side. Let's make this our year :)

xo Anna