Anna Maria Locke

watermelon lemonade


Happy Saturday! Can you believe we're already a week into June? I made sure to thoroughly enjoy the month of May, but now summer is arriving and the time is flying by, eek! We're finally getting some consistently warm and gorgeous weather here in Chicago, and it is definitely "drinks on the patio" season (aka my FAVORITE!) One thing that our current apartment lacks is a nice outdoor space, but the good thing about living in a city is that there are lots of options within walking distance for us to grab dinner or margaritas on a patio or sidewalk. It might not be as good for the budget...but we have to live it up before it's winter again, right??

To celebrate the season, I thought I'd share this delicious concoction I blended up over Memorial Day weekend, when Ben and I spent two days straight sitting outside in my parents' backyard. I love pureeing juicy, ripe watermelon in the blender, it makes a frothy, sugary juice that tastes like cotton candy but is still ridiculously healthy and hydrating! I added a splash of fresh lemon juice and a shot of vodka because it was a holiday. Blending in some frozen strawberries or lime juice would also be delicious!

Watermelon Lemonade
serves 4


-one small watermelon, or half a large watermelon, seeded and diced
-juice of two lemons
-a handful of ice cubes
-4 shots of vodka (optional)
-drizzle of simple syrup (optional for sweetness)


Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blitz until the ice is well blended! Serve immediately.

To make simple syrup: combine 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water in a pan. Heat over low until sugar is fully dissolved. Cool and store in the fridge for up to a week.