Anna Maria Locke

top five favorite YouTube fitness channels


I've been obsessed with at-home workout videos ever since I took a "Personal Fitness" gym class in high school, where I was introduced to the likes of Billy Blanks, Step, Mari Winsor Pilates, and 8 Minute Abs, aka the classics. In college, my roommates and I would struggle and laugh along to a vintage 1980's "Buns of Steel" VHS together in our living room late at night. I will always be a gym bunny, but there's something to be said for the convenience of just walking into your living room whenever you want and getting your workout done without having to deal with creepy strangers, gross communal mats and equipment, worrying about how ridiculous you look, or spending time commuting to and from the gym.

Over the past several years, several incredible channels on YouTube have emerged to produce great, high quality workout videos for FREE, for all types and levels of fitness. I subscribe to probably a dozen fitness channels, but these are my top five favorites for at-home workouts!

1. Blogilates

What: Fun, bubbly Pilates videos and killer HIIT routines!
For: All fitness levels, but best for intermediate/advanced. Most workouts are no-equipment needed bodyweight routines, but you will still feel the burn!
Fave workouts: Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge, Muffintopless, Pilates New Body Makeover, Bikini Blaster HIIT

2. Jessica Smith TV

What: Lots of low-impact fusion workouts, weights circuits, and an adorable bulldog Peanut.
For: All fitness levels, especially great for beginners or low-impact fans!
Fave workouts: Metabolic Conditioning, Superset Sculpt, Mat Fusion and Floor

3. Tone It Up

What: Fun, beachy workouts that will work your abs and core like woah.
For: Beginner/intermediate fitness levels, and women who want working out to feel like a fun beach vacation with their best friends.
Fave workouts: Thailand Tush, Itty Bitty Bikini (abs), MaliBooty, Bikini Body Routine, Cocktail Dress Workout

4. POPSUGAR Fitness

What: 10 minute fitness class-style workouts and celebrity trainers.
For: All fitness levels, anyone who wants a quick but effective routine.
Fave workouts: Crossfit Workout with Weights, Jackie Warner Power Pyramid, Bootcamp with Jeanette Jenkins, Cardio Warmup

5. Fitness Blender

What: Full length, no-gimmick workouts, incorporating all types of routines such as weights, pilates,  yoga, and HIIT.
For: All fitness levels, including people who want to lose a lot of weight! This is also the best "gender neutral" channel I've found, and the only one Ben will not make fun of (and he's even done a few FB workouts with me!)
Fave workouts: Can you HIIT like a girl, FB Barre, 5x5x5 for Butt & Thighs, Red Light Green Light HIIT, basically you can't go wrong.

I also love collecting circuit-style workout routines on Pinterest! You can find me at Anna Locke here!

Alright, you officially have NO excuse not to work out. Let me know if you try any of these workouts, or if you have another favorite channel I missed!