Anna Maria Locke

May update


I really really really wish I could be one of those bloggers who writes a post every day (or at least several times a week), shares funny/interesting anecdotes about their lives, makes up weekly themes, and cultivates a community on their site. But blogging on a regular basis is just something I really struggle with!

Despite all my spurts of inspiration and good intentions, whenever life gets intense or busy I tend to ignore this space, probably because I'm an introvert and when I'm expending all my energy into the real world, I end up with nothing left to share with the internet.

Plus, blogging takes time and WORK! And thanks to my awesome new full time job, I'm still trying to work out a daily routine and figure out how to be most productive in the few hours of free time I get.

In the meantime, the days keep flying by! So far in May I have:

  • Taken a quick trip home to visit my family and attend my best friend's Med School graduation open house
  • Cooked lots of new recipes (just made this steak salad for dinner)
  • Tried really hard to keep the Etsy shop alive
  • Been pretty good with working out first thing in the morning
  • Watched Gatsby (so good!!)
  • Finished reading The Interestings for book club (kind of disappointing with annoying characters)
  • Joined the rest of the Millennial generation by finally getting my first smartphone!!! (And instantly becoming obsessed with Instagram--I'm @annikalikes)
  • Aaaand I don't even know what else. Is anyone else really bad at remembering things like what you did last weekend, or what you ate last night?

This was the view from Lincoln Park today. Gorgeous! We're finally starting to get some warmer weather, and the flowering trees are in full bloom. This is the time of year I'm super grateful that I don't have allergies!! 

And here are a few of the scarves I've added to my shop this month! My fabric stash is getting out of control (Ben calls it the pile of shame...yeah...) so I'm really trying to keep listing new styles as often as I can!

Time to relax. I hope you're having a great week so far!