Anna Maria Locke

how nice of you to show up, spring


And just like that, we've gone straight from winter to summer, Midwest-style. From the 40's to the 80's, although we're not out of the woods yet (according to Ben who refuses to take the plastic off our windows).

I get super excited when all the flowering trees burst into their cotton candy colors. When we have a yard someday I am going to plant it full of magnolia trees. Did you know that all trees have flowers? It's true.

Here's proof. Those lime green puffs you see everywhere? They probably aren't leaves yet. These are maple flowers!

 I love when nature busts out the neon!

I had a great birthday weekend thanks to the warm weather. On Friday night Ben and I had a delicious mussels-and-frites dindin at The Bluebird and then wandered back to The Violet Hour for cocktails, which I'm now obsessed with despite its hipster pretentiousness. Pimm's Cup is my new fave drink mmmm. 

All weekend I felt extra blessed with lots of gifts and Etsy orders! Speaking of Etsy, I am all out of my most popular lace and won't be able to re-stock for 2 weeks or so. I'm going to take this opportunity to sew up all the new fabric I've been collecting, so stay tuned!  

I also can't wait to bust out this awesome vintage cake pan that my mom in law sent me. The pans are shaped like bulls-eyes so when you use different flavors/colors of batter and stack the layers it turns into a checkerboard pattern. I mean, who doesn't need a Magic Cake Pan?? I'm thinking that a rainbow cake needs to happen, every ring a different color.

And if you're thinking of buying your first home in this HGTV-crazed culture of ours, here's a don't-miss piece on what to do and what NOT to do, learned from Shay's heartbreaking experience.

And now it's time for ice cream and brownies. I made a pan of brownies for my birthday and Ben and I have been eating them every single night. It's a hard life...