Anna Maria Locke

March goals

{Attempting to force the tulip bulbs we used as wedding favors. One bloom so far!}
It's March. The last month I have at home before the field trips and school programs start back up at the Arboretum and I have "real" work to go to all spring/summer/fall. It's really hard for me to be productive with my time if I don't set goals to add purpose to my days, and there are a lot of things I want to accomplish in my personal and professional life this month, so here's what I have. Hopefully posting this on the internet will keep me accountable.
March Goals
For the shop:
-Add a spring line of scarves/headbands (aka stop knitting! start sewing!)
-Market and promote by reaching out to blogs and actually using twitter
-Reach 20 sales
For the blog:
-Take it seriously: actually post more frequently, at least 3x week.
-Post more tutorials and submit to craftgawker
For me:
-Workout before 8 am (eek)
-Run 2x a week
-Finish the name changing thing
-Finish reading Anna Karenina
I think all of that is achievable. The one I'm most doubtful about is finishing Anna Karenina. I've been trying to read it since January after being inspired by the latest movie version and it is so. long. slow. Russian. But I REALLY want to finish it !!
Wish me luck.
Is there anything you want to accomplish this month?