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free indoor at-home workouts (part 2)

Happy Friday everyone!
And happy March!
I'm excited it's finally March because even though Chicago is still covered in icy slush and snow, the official first day of spring is less than 3 weeks away! March 20 if you're wondering, aka the vernal equinox, where every latitude on Earth has 12 hours of day and night. Geography nerd moment.
Anyway, since it's still technically winter I thought I'd give an update on my indoor workout obsession. In November I posted a huge list of resources for at-home workouts in case you're too broke or lazy for the gym, but for the past 3 months straight I've been pretty dedicated to YouTube for free (and effectively HARD) fitness videos.
I'm definitely addicted to, where Cassey offers a monthly workout calender that outlines exactly which of her pilates/plyo fusion videos to do every day. (Click here to get the March workout calendar--you have to subscribe to her newsletter but she rarely spams your email.) Since it's sometimes hard for me to motivate myself to decide what workouts to do, this is foolproof and awesome. Plus her videos are killer. It's easy to make a playlist of them on YouTube for a complete workout that feels like you're attending a private class with a personal trainer. I've followed the December, January, and February calendars pretty religiously and have been able to maintain my "wedding weight" all through the holidays without watching my eating, and my abs have seriously never looked this great.

if I twist to the side and flex you can almost see a 2-pack! ignore wine glasses in background.

Thanks, pilates! Here's a link to her YouTube channel where you can search for all her workouts.
If you want a teaser, here's a couple of my favorite (aka most killer) Blogilates videos.

*The videos I'm going to share are at an intermediate/advanced level. If you haven't been consistently exercising for the past few weeks, search for beginner videos or modify the moves!
"Food Baby HIIT" for indoor cardio:

A 10 minute pilates abs workout: 

And an awesome back and shoulders workout (you need light weights): 

In addition to Blogilates, I've recently discovered Fitness Blender, another YouTube channel that posts full-length HIIT (cardio) and strength workouts (some are over an hour!!). They are kind of boring, but you can play your own music in the background. I did this cardio/abs/butt workout earlier this week and was sore for 2 days afterward:

I want to try this 1000 calorie workout but I'm kind of scared...
Do you have any favorite YouTube fitness channels? Let me know if you try any of these workouts!
*I am not a fitness professional, be safe and smart and listen to your own body!