Anna Maria Locke

holidays 2012

Well. 2012 definitely went out with a bang.
Ben and I spent a long action packed week road-tripping around the Midwest to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. (One of the unexpected perks of being married is getting a double holiday!) I'm very glad that we got to spend time making fun memories with so many people we love, and I'm not taking for granted that our grandmas are still healthy and "with it". We were only missing my sister Ella who is teaching English in Slovakia (hi Eelie!).

 Well, all the revelry finally caught up to me and on Sunday I got hit by the cold virus that's apparently making rounds like the plague. I'm looking forward to getting back into a healthy normal routine again!

From Indiana to central Illinois to Michigan and back to Chicago, here's a few shots of the laughing, eating, drinking, animal snuggling, and celebrating that happened.

2012 was a huge year full of extremes. Moving three times, getting married, multiple jobs, and making it through a quarter life crisis (yes, they definitely exist) will take it out of you, and I'm happy to be able to look back on the memories from the other side.

I have absolutely no idea what 2013 has in store. For the first time in...possibly ever?... there are no graduations, weddings, moves, or other big events pre-scheduled on the calendar. I'm wishing for a calmer, happy and healthy year for myself and everyone. Cheers to a fresh start!

Happy New Year!