Anna Maria Locke

blue city


{Photos from a recent walk on the waterfront}
Lake Michigan looks a different color everyday and lately it's been dark turquoise blue for late summer.
Did you have a fun Labor Day weekend? Ben and I got into the city for some shopping (I have discovered Sephora for the first time, and love using our wedding as an excuse to buy lots of fancy makeup!) and went to a low key and delicious cookout.

I'm very excited it's September, and very very excited that we're only a month out from the wedding. On the other hand all the little wedding details that you really never considered are starting to pop up, yikes! I've been working on my veil and I think it's going to turn out! When you attempt DIY projects for a wedding it's always stressful until the very end.

On another subject, if you have a gas stove that floods your apartment with smelly gas and won't light, it means the pilot lights between the burners have blown out, and you can relight them easily without blowing up the kitchen. That's my favorite thing I learned today, other than that apples and peaches are in the rose family. I like roses better now.