Anna Maria Locke

summer quinoa salad with goat cheese

August 2012AnnaComment

I go on kicks when it comes to certain foods like avocados, eggs for breakfast, and particular salad dressings. Currently I'm on a huge goat cheese kick! It started when we were moving to Chicago and Ben's sister and boyfriend took us out to dinner at The Bad Apple, which apparently has amazing burgers, but I was just coming off a moving-induced burger kick and wanted something a little lighter. I got the quinoa salad with goat cheese, and was immediately obsessed. So this is my version, that uses up all the summer produce you have sitting around the fridge!

Summer Quinoa Salad with Goat Cheese


-chilled quinoa (make a large batch and keep it in the fridge!)

-summer veggies

-pine nuts and golden raisins if you have them such as red peppers, cherry tomatoes, arugula, etc.

-goat cheese! or feta.

-fresh chopped basil and/or mint

-your favorite dressing

(I made one with raspberry balsamic, brown mustard, honey, salt, and olive oil)

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy!

I'm super excited when I discover something like this that is quick and easy to throw together for lunch, which is my least favorite meal of the day. It's also very portable if you make it in a big tupperware! And of course it's super healthy so you can indulge in a brownie later in the afternoon.