Anna Maria Locke

july, july

 Illinois sunset
 Lemon blueberry muffins from fresh picked Michigan berries
 Roses at the English teagarden
 Making friends at the zoo
 Baby giraffe. Need I say more?
Girls night out with some of my best friends and my sister--who doesn't really have red hair, but found the perfect color to blend in with the rest of the family. {I love this picture because our outfits describe our personalities perfectly}

Is it just me, or has July flown by extra fast?? 
This week I have been trapped in wedding invitation purgatory. I have no idea how an element of the wedding that I "didn't really care about" turned into this huge encompassing art project....but more on that when I'm done. Which will hopefully be tomorrow!

The past week or two have included lots of muffins to use up the 11.5 pounds of blueberries Ben and I picked in Michigan (I get a little overexcited with U-Pick experiences), hot days spent inside, and a visit from my best friends and sister. We went to the zoo, ate ice cream, watched Batman and Austin Powers movies on tv, and got a liiiiittle too crazy at the martini and daiquiri bars, which I paid for. Can't hang like the old college days.

I hope you are staying cool and enjoying the last few days of the midsummer month!