Anna Maria Locke

her majesty's tea room


Yesterday was my sister Ella's 23rd birthday. She actually just arrived home for the summer from Bratislava, Slovakia, where she's teaching English. We're obviously very excited to have her around for a few weeks since we only get to see her a couple times a year :)

For her birthday she requested a girls' visit to Her Majesty's Tea Room, which is basically a British/Victorian emporium just oozing with kitschy floral extravagance. That's the best I can describe it I think... We drank three kinds of tea and ate trays and trays of tea sandwiches and little sweets, and we each got our own tiara to wear.

Well, I've been unemployed for 7 months now for a variety of reasons, not counting a couple months substitute teaching this spring. Sometimes it's frustrating and stressful BUT I will say I greatly appreciate the flexibility to travel around the Midwest all summer to catch up with family.

Off to nurse my sugar coma!