Anna Maria Locke

snippets of June

 Summer is great for random mini-festivals. We just had one here called Gumbo Yaya, which is a random annual Mardi Gras fest in June. I can't explain why they picked a Mardi Gras theme, or why it's named Gumbo Yaya. But any excuse to people watch and drink massive goblets of daiquiris in the middle of the street sounds good to me!

Crazyface bathroom pic, as usual. Yes, we're hair twins.

 The Scene

 And here's my latest breakfast obsession: coconut berry oatmeal. Gotta balance out those daiquiris...
Just add frozen berries, vanilla, and cinnamon to the pot while you're cooking the oats, and top with shredded coconut.

I've started a big wedding project as well!!

I'm really excited for this weekend. Ben and I are roadtripping to Indiana for my cousin's backyard wedding! There will be the return of the fascinators, free-flowing Heineken, skits, and an orange themed EuroCup party on Sunday. Hopefully Holland doesn't let us down (again).