Anna Maria Locke

at the farm



So my summer job is basically to be a farmhand at my grandma's farm. AKA how many projects/manual labor jobs can we get done?? So far it's been painting picnic benches, hauling dirt around the garden, and knocking Japanese beetles off rosebushes. 

I've spent a lot of Christmases here lately, but haven't been around during the summer in a while. It brings back memories of when my sister and I would make magical kingdoms in the pine grove or make paper dolls in the mysterious dark upstairs rooms.

In other news, Ben and I are heading to Chicago this weekend to search for an apartment !!!!!
Wish me luck, or shoot me now. Hopefully we can find something decent enough to live for a year!

I hope the weather for you is as good as it's been here. It's officially SUMMER!