Anna Maria Locke


Ben has been here in Oregon for almost a week, and the only pictures I've taken in that week are of some trees, apparently. Typical.
My life feels a lot more real and complete. The kitchen has twice as many dishes and pieces of equipment, the empty apartment has six pieces of furniture instead of four (we are living with a small donated table and two mismatched chairs, a teeny tiny dresser, $15 garage sale desk, and a bookshelf. Need: a bed. Want: a couch), and Ben's incredible file organization system has blown me away. (Finally, a place for all those random appliance instruction manuals!)
So happy to have him here. 

p.s. There was an earthquake in Virginia. Did any of you feel it? I think it is highly ironic that my grandma was worried about me moving to the proximity of CA because of the earthquakes, but the minute I leave the east they have one out there. I know you're reading this, Grammy....